Ector County assistance programs.

The working poor, elderly, disabled, and families in poverty can get financial help. There is also emergency assistance, and the programs provide everything from one time rent or mortgage help to free boxes of food, grants to pay energy bills, and more. Ector County families can also receive free medical or dental care, transportation help such as gasoline, clothes and more. The primary agencies include churches or non-profits in Odessa as well as around Ector County.

Emergency services, help for bills, and other resources

The Odessa Catholic Charities is one of the leading agencies in the area to turn to for help. Not only do they offer their own assistance programs, but they are also a great resource to use to learn about other state of Texas and federal government programs, local charities, and other organizations. One of their primary missions is to fight and end poverty. Call them at 332-1387. They run a wide variety of programs, including the following:

Utility and energy bill assistance - The agency can provide financial assistance that can be used to help pay a utility bill, and even more importantly prevent a disconnection of service.

School aid - They can provide school supplies, clothes, uniforms, and other assistance to school aged kids.




Food - Hundreds of people are helped per month, and receive free food and groceries.

Thrift store - They run a store which provides household products, clothes, food, and other items at reduced prices.

Jon finding services - Job and workforce training offered to people trying to find a job includes assistance in obtaining an ID, boots, resume reviewing, clothing, counseling, and other needs required for permanent employment.





Qualified clients can get help with other needs as well, including ongoing case management. Read more Odessa Catholic Charities assistance.

Another organization that people in need should contact is the Salvation Army of Odessa and Ector County. This agency also offers numerous services to qualified individuals. One of the services in highest demand is the emergency financial help.

Rent and utility bill assistance - If you are facing a hardship or unexpected emergency, the Salvation Army may be able to provide assistance. They can help people with, as funding allows, paying for their rent and providing money for utility bill payments. The goal of these assistance programs is to help people from being evicted, or losing their home, and otherwise becoming homeless.

Food and groceries - There is an onsite food pantry that provides food boxes and groceries.

Household supplies and clothing - For Odessa area residents who are in need of emergency household goods, clothing, or furniture, vouchers and other aid may be offered by one of our social service caseworkers that can provide you with the items needed.

Call the Salvation Army at 332-0738. Or find additional information on Odessa Salvation Army.

Ector County short term rent help and shelters - Some of the charities in the region focus on stopping homelessness. They combine legal aid with grants to pay back rent or deposits, case management, interest free loans, and other support. The goal is to prevent homelessness in the Odessa area and place families or immigrants into a new apartment. Click more information.

Low income families seeking to move, or the homeless trying to get placed into a new apartment, can also get assistance. There is financial support as well as case management available for this process. Find programs that can help with security deposits.




Food banks as well as soup kitchens - While most of the locations are at churches, they will help people of all religions and backgrounds. The programs available range from a free box of food to Christmas meals or even gifts for children. Some will even ensure children from Ector County have a meal over the summer when they are not receiving a free lunch at school.

Some of the pantries include Jesus House of Odessa ((432) 272-3362). There are many other charities that offer hunger prevention services. Locate a list of food pantries in Ector County.

Permian Basin Mission Center is based at 208 North Adams in Odessa. Many resources are available, ranging from prescription medications assistance to grants for rent or utilities. Household goods, including furniture, clothing, and free toiletries can also be given. Odessa area oil workers and the underemployed are major clients. Phone - 432-337-0554.

First United Methodist Church - They do not provide financial aid. The programs they offer include free sack lunches to the homeless every Sunday morning between 10:30 and 11:00 in Noel Plaza behind the church. There is also a Children’s Clothes Closet that provides uniforms or clothes for lower income school aged children.

General help from the Community Services Block Grant

West Texas Opportunities, Inc., (phone (806) 872-8354) which is the local community action agency, offers assistance to very low-income families and individuals in all areas of Ector County Texas. The funding offered to individuals can help provide such essential services as money for child and day care needs, information on dental or health care and human services for children.

There is also information on government programs such as CEAP for paying utility bills or weatherization. These WTO services and more are provided to families and the elderly in Odessa. Or clients can have housing addressed (including rent or security deposit help) and get referrals to other poverty-related programs. More West Texas Opportunities assistance programs.





Help for paying air conditioning and energy bills in Ector County

One resource that you should explore is the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program. This resource was designed to assist low to moderate income persons who may be experiencing difficulties in paying their energy expenses and bills. The West Texas Opportunities, Inc. also runs this program. It is very similar to the federal resource known as the low income home energy assistance program LIHEAP.

Another service they offer is the federal government funded weatherization program. This resource helps people lower their home energy use, and therefore reduces their utility bills. It is free to income qualified Ector County families. Dial (806) 872-8354 for details.


By Jon McNamara

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