Dubious and Pike County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Free food, Christmas toys, shelter, rent help, furniture, and of course case management is provided by the Pike and Dubious County Salvation Army. The social service agency focuses on support struggling families as well as the working poor, and help is available regardless of age, faith, or religion.

The programs are focused on low income families that either have a path to stability or that are threatened with a short term crisis. People that tend to turn to the Salvation Army multiple times and are looking more for a hand-out will tend to not get help. There are limited resources available in the Gibson Indiana as well as Pike County area, and hard decisions will need to be made from time to time on who is assisted.

In order or resources as well as priority, there may be help for the following basic needs. None of these are guaranteed though.

  • Food banks as well as soup kitchens tackle hunger in the community. There may be free groceries, hot lunches or breaks for the homeless or shelter guests, and formula for new moms.
  • Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals are served to entire families, with volunteers delivering them to nursing homes in Dubious and Pike County.
  • Vouchers can be used at the Pike County Salvation Army thrift store to offset the cost of clothing, baby supplies, and hygiene items.
  • During Christmas, Angel Tree may provide free toys or gifts to children.
  • There are also household items, including furniture for free and other goods.

One time and emergency financial help from Dubious and Pike County Salvation Army

Money is raised from Untied Way grants, HUD programs, and also from the sale of gently used goods at the thrift store. The first use of this money is to pay for the overhead of the office. Since the Salvation Army in Dubious and Pike County is a non-profit, those are kept at a minimal level. But there is still a need for funding. If and when there is surplus, only then may the center help the general public in the following ways.

  • Housing costs, such as rent, utility bills, or gas to heat a home.





  • Vouchers can be for medications if there is an exceptional crisis, such as a medical need.
  • When the pantry is empty, the Salvation Army will try to pay for other emergency food items to prevent hunger.
  • Housing for senior citizens can be subsidized, and it can pay for a portion of their future rental costs.

A combination of basic needs and financial aid can be arranged for the following. The exact type of support will depend on the applicant's need as well as many other factors, such as if there was a natural disaster or if the client is close to stability. This form of Dubious and Pike County Salvation Army support may also be tailored for the needs of a child too. Examples may be the following:

  • Youth programs including summer day; after school care; school supplies; and mentoring classes.
  • Parents seeking a job can use a Salvation Army computer to search for one, or get a voucher to pay for gasoline to get to the site.
  • Similar to above is the voucher program for assistance during Christmas, as both parents and kids can benefit.
  • General case management services are arranged. When the plan has been created and followed, they may help pay for some of the costs incurred by the client.

The case management process will explore all possible options. The service is free and confidential. The staff will answer questions from the client and direct them to a local resource, if the Salvation Army can't help the person on their own. This too can be effective as well as the center has a database of local churches and other charities in the region.

Focusing on the vulnerable is a key Salvation Army of Gibson Indiana service. The social workers will support everyone from seniors to children living in poverty or the disabled. They will offer advice and, when possible, the financial support and other aid they need. For details, call (812) 386-6577 or stop by the Dubious and Pike County Salvation Army center.




By Jon McNamara

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