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How to do things for free.

Most people want to save money. We have compiled a wide ranging list of free activities below. It covers everything that family or even one person may want to do for free. The list includes such things as how to visit at city with your family or kids on a budget, free energy saving tips or things to do at your house, suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle and much more. This is all about activities or actions to take, and how to do them for free.

Low income families or those in a financial hardship are not the only ones who may want to do something for free. It is often the case that many moderate income households or even the wealthy may be looking for activities or tips as well. As so many people in this country live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of their income. Maybe they too want to save some money on their bills or maybe they want to help ingrain in their family the need to live on a budget.

When a family does something that does not cost them any money, it will free up their resources for paying other bills. As an example, let’s say someone were to go sightseeing in a city. If they go to the places that do not charge them, or participate in these free activities, that will allow them to maybe stay in a nicer hotel. Or maybe stay in a place that is more central to the city.

The fact is that there are really thousands of ways to do things for free. It often just takes some thought and research to discover the activities. However, we at have compiled a list for you and your family.

What to do with your family or kids for free

Atlanta as well as neighboring Fulton County is one of the most populous cities in the south. There are a number of free activities for the entire family to do their as well, many of which are available year round do to the warmer weather. Find a list of free family friendly activities in Atlanta.

Anyone that plans to visit Charleston South Carolina (one of the most scenic cities in America) can participate in  wide variety of free things to do. There are dozens of things for kids to do, adults, and other  activities in this historical southern city. Whether the beach, city, or outlying region, find free friendly family activities in Charleston SC.




Chicago is the second largest city in the country. There are a number of free things to do, ranging from taking advantage of the lake to parks, museums and zoos. The entire family can enjoy this wonderful city. Read more on free activities in Chicago.

London is often one of the most visited European destinations for Americans. However it is one of the top 15 most expensive cities in the world. There are many things to do for free in London, as the government does help subsidized many of the cultural sites to make them either free or more affordable. Find details on free things to do in London.

Montreal is visited by millions of Americans each and every year. In particular, it is a very popular destination for people that live in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts as well as the Northeastern US. There are a number of free festivals, museums, and places to visit in the city, many of which have an old world European flair to them. Read more on free experiences and activities in Montreal.

Anyone who has ever been to New York City knows how expensive it is. It seems like as soon you walk out of the place you are staying (whether a friend’s house or with family, hotel, Airbnb, etc.) the money starts to disappear from your purse or wallet. We have compiled a list of activities to do in the city. Find things to do in NYC for free.

San Francisco has a number of free things to do. Many travel guides rate it as one of America’s most diverse and scenic cities, but like many major coastal locations, it is pricey! Especially for low income families or people living on a budget. Anyhow, find a list of free things to do in San Francisco.

Seattle Washington, or the Emerald City of the West Coast, has a number of free family friendly activities as well as free things for tourists to do. Whether the nearby mountains, exploring Pike Place market, the Seattle Center or other affordable activities, the city does have budget friendly options. Learn how to do fee things in Seattle.

There are also free things for your family to do in Tarrant County Texas as well. A number of kid friendly activities are available, and adults are bound to love some of them as well. Everything from parks to gardens and other activities are offered. Read more on Fort Worth Texas free activities.





Toronto is right across the border, and there are dozens of free things to do there. Millions of Americans now visit the city, in particular residents of New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other northeastern and Midwestern states. The Canadian government encourages free tourist activities in the city. Find free things to do in Toronto.

Worldwide travel is a possibility as well. You can do this for free too! Both families and individuals can in effect travel the world (or country)., live rent free, volunteer, and in some cases even make some money. A number of jobs, volunteer positions, and contract positions allow you to do this for free. Read more on how to travel and live rent free.

Free things to do around the house

There are many household’s activities that can be done for free as well. They include activities such as home repairs, free energy saving improvements, and much more. These activities are generally very quick and simple to both learn and complete, and they won’t cost you a dime to do them! Even if you are not 100% familiar with one or more of them, there are things like you-tube video or other tutorials out there.

One big one is saving money on energy bills, ranging from heat to light or electric.  We have a list of over 20 things to go or do in your home to make a more energy free, efficient life.

Free lifestyle activities

Tens of millions of Americans face immense amounts of stress on a daily basis. They are under pressure from their employers and/or face stress of trying to pay the bills every months. Especially with inflation increasing and wages barely, if keeping up, with the cost of living. Or there is the stress of raising kids and family issues. We have a list of free things to do to reduce stress.

The Christmas holidays are expensive. Not only are the bills many families have during winter more expensive, such as heating costs and warm winter clothes, but then there is the cost of buying toys, food, and more. There are ways to save money during the holidays, and find free family Christmastime activities.

There are a number of free things you can do with kids over their summer break. The vacation period can be a great opportunity to explore with your kids(s), however it can sometimes be expensive to do. Low to moderate income families want to enjoy the vacation period as well, but do it on a budget. We have a list of free activities to do with kids over summer break.





Free summer camps are also available for kids from low income families. There are programs offered by companies, including Apple or Home Depot, as well as charities that offer free things to do for kids. They often include educational support, food or meals, and more. Find a list of free summer camps for kids.


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