Free things for you and your family to do in Fort Worth Texas.

Fort Worth is a bustling city, full of things to do. Luckily there are some free activities for you, your family, and your kids if you have them as you often pay a price for daring to have some fun, and sometimes you just need something to do that does not cost any money. This great city has plenty of free fun to be had. Stop by these five places to have a good time for free.

Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is located downtown near the Convention Center. It is an urban park that is free to access. The site was designed to make visitors feel at ease as they explore the sounds of water falling around them. It has been described as relaxation in the middle of an urban jungle. The best part about it is that it is free to visit and kids always love waterfalls and gardens!

The free Kimbell Art Museum

Founded by Kay and Velma Kimbell, the Kimbell Art Museum features the Kimbells' original art collection, showcases traveling art exhibitions, and hosts educational programs. The Kimbell is open Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays and certain holidays. It is free to get to the museum and go inside as there is never a fee for admission to the permanent exhibit; however, if you choose to see a special exhibit, there is a fee.


The Fort Worth Stockyards brings Western flair to the middle of the city. Twice a day, a cattle drive parades through the stockyard. It is free to visit the stockyards and watch the herd be driven down the streets. Kids, and even adults, tend to like parades, and this one is definitely unique. While there, you can do some shopping in the historic buildings, visit a petting zoo, or partake in any number of activities going on around you if you so choose.





Trinity Trails

Trinity Trails, a series of trails that wind through the Fort Worth area, can be accessed by foot, by bike, or even by horse. Those who enjoy a safe bike ride, free from the worry of cars, will enjoy cycling along the Trinity Trails. There are also plenty of paths for travel by foot. Some are nature trails and some are cement sidewalks. Along the way, families can stop at a park and play for a while. There is something for everyone along these trails.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

As the name suggests, the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens showcases beautiful gardens to walk through. The main garden is always free to visit. However, the Japanese Garden and the Conservatory both require a fee to enter. While there, you can enjoy a meal at the Garden Restaurant. During certain times of the year, special festivals and activities take place in the gardens.

Whether you live in Fort Worth or Tarrant County or are a visiting tourist, you might as well get out and enjoy these free activities. Should you like what you see and want to experience more of it, you can always pay for the exhibits that cost money. Otherwise, you have nothing to lose by exploring this wonderful city. Make an adventure of it!



By Jon McNamara

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