Fannie Mae mortgage center in Dallas

Two local non-profit housing agencies, as well as Fannie Mae, are partnering together to provide struggling homeowners in the Dallas and Tarrant County areas with free foreclosure prevention advice and housing counseling. Tarrant County Housing Partnership, Fannie Mae, and North Texas Housing Coalition all provide services through the Mortgage Help Center.

Counselors at the center are focused on providing solutions to families and individuals. They always recommend that you call for help early, ideally well before you miss a payment. A client to the site will have the ability to meet face to face with a housing counselor, call, or send an email. The center focuses on people who have loans held by Fannie Mae (which is the majority of mortgages) but they may be able to direct a homeowner to other local resources if you do not meet this condition. Get more information below on the programs and services provided, most of which are at no cost.

Information on free mortgage advice provided to Dallas area homeowners

Homeowners will have the ability to meet face to face and directly with dedicated onsite Spanish and/or English speaking housing counselors and foreclosure prevention specialists. Together you will review your financial situation. Bring forms, details on your current mortgage and financial condition.

After reviewing the background, the next step will be to get information on all of the free foreclosure prevention options that may be available to you. The counselor will help them address their mortgage situation, review federal government programs, accelerate servicer response time, learn about programs offered by your bank or lender, and provide financial counseling. and budgeting advice.



In addition to the counselors who are on site, the Dallas area homeowner can also find out about other local options, such as non-profits in the Tarrant and Dallas County region. For example, The North Texas Housing Coalition is also partnering with Fannie Mae to work directly with borrowers at the help center and they can also offer free or reduced priced services. In addition, a second partnership with Tarrant County Housing Partnership also offers homeowners in the area with counseling services. The programs and resources offered even extend to families in the Fort Worth area. Also, click here to find more details on other Texas HUD foreclosure agencies.


Some of the other free services and programs offered by the housing counselors include:

  • The housing counselor will closely review a borrower's loan to ensure it was legal, not predatory, and find the terms of the loan.
  • Get information and discus free foreclosure alternatives.
  • Efforts will be made by the housing counselor to counteract local scams, contest predatory loans and deal with banks and groups that charge fees for modifications and foreclosure prevention services.
  • A counselor will help you collect the required documents for the federal government created Making Home Affordable Program.
  • Explore mortgage assistance programs from national banks and lenders such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Learn more on Wells Fargo assistance programs.
  • Get help finalizing any pending loan workout efforts.
  • In addition, the Dallas area help center allows North Texas Housing Coalition, Fannie Mae, and also Tarrant County Housing Partnership the ability to provide information to the homeowner and to also clarify expectations with regard to the foreclosure prevention process and solutions.

Dial 1-866-442-8575 to get more information on assistance programs that are offered by the Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center in Dallas.





By Jon McNamara

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