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Modify your mortgage using a loan modification.

Mortgage loan modifications can help you get back on track with your mortgage payments. A modification can change your payment schedules, eliminate fees and penalties, and it can help make your mortgage payments more manageable. Even if the hours at your employer have been cut back, or if you have been laid off from your job, you will need to find a way to keep your home so that you and your family have a place to live. Reviewing the process of modifying your home mortgage loan can be a lifesaver and help you keep your house, and avoid foreclosure.

Who provides modifications?

There are many professional companies and organizations that will handle the process of loan modification for you. They know all of the inside secrets to financing and lending, which will always allow them to get better deals from your mortgage lender or bank. They work with your lender to set up a payment schedule, eliminate late fees, and get your mortgage back on track so that it is current and affordable for you once again. You probably won’t  be able to find these deals and ways to get mortgage help on your own, which is why these companies exist and are out there to help you. Loan modification can lower your interest rate, defer payments, eliminate late fees and penalties, prevent a foreclosure, split up payments, and even cut the amount that you owe by changing the parameters of your mortgage loan.

How does a loan modification work?

The process of mortgage modification is different than a refinancing your loan. You are not getting a new loan, so your current credit score, even if it is low or if you have poor credit, doesn’t affect your eligibility for a loan modification either. If you are behind on your current mortgage bills and if you are even facing foreclosure, you’re a great candidate for this type of mortgage assistance. Modification advisors are experts at working with your lender to change the details of your mortgage payment and to provide you with affordable alternatives to your old payment. They want to prevent and stop foreclosures, and ensure you keep your home. When you work with the loan modification process, you are not receiving a new loan, but you are simply changing the way that you pay your original loan. Many lenders are even more willing to offer low interest modifications. Read more on low interest rate loan modifications.





Yes, you may think that you can just contact your mortgage company and try to figure out some ways to save your home, lower your payment, or stop a foreclosure all on your own. However, the truth is that you won’t get nearly as many options, and have a smaller chance of success, if you do this. The lender will always look at you as a consumer and do the best to give you a deal that favors you the least. If you can get any deal. The lender thinks that you’re not as informed about the details of loan modification as a professional would be. By having an experienced professional or counselor who is knowledgeable about your options and the process handle the mortgage modification process for you, you’ll end up with better payment options, less fees (if any), and a more affordable way to pay for your home. you do not need to give up on your dream of home ownership without checking into loan modification to see if your home can be saved.

What about government loan modification programs

The federal government has created several different assistance programs that can provide people with loan modifications. While lenders and banks have been slow to accept and roll out these government mortgage plans, they are yet another option for homeowners. Find out more on the government loan modification programs, including the Home Affordable Refinance Program and the Home Affordable Modification Program.

What are the next steps? Find the top questions to ask a loan modification company or law firm to ensure they can help you. Find how to modify home loans.

The bottom line is if you are struggling with your mortgage, strongly consider a modification.

By Jon McNamara

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