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Madison, Huntsville and Limestone County Community Action Partnership.

Several emergency assistance programs and social services are available from the Community Action Partnership of Huntsville, Madison and Limestone Counties in Alabama. They are a regional non-profit agency that is focused on helping the low income, poor, and less fortunate.

The CAA-HTSVAL agency coordinates local, state of Alabama, and federal government resources in an effort to support those that are struggling. Case managers want clients to gain self-sufficiency. Throughout that process, short term emergency financial aid may be offered, including funds for paying rent, health care, vision care, utility bills, and similar needs.

Financial programs in Madison and Limestone County

Low income energy bills assistance (LIHEAP) is given at most twice a year to low income and working poor families. Grants and funds can be used to help meet heating and cooling bill costs. Financial aid is Alabama is intended to prevent energy services from being terminated in health crisis situations. Any funds from the state or the community action agency are paid directly to utility companies and vendors.

Regular LIHEAP is unfortunately not for paying for deposits or to prevent disconnection. This is an at most once-per-year benefit. A credit will appear on a future electric bill if and when approved. Thousands of people from Madison County receive support from this program every year.

The other option, LIHEAP Crisis, can be used to stop a shut off of pay for re-connection/deposits. While government funding is used to set payment amounts, qualified clients will usually get a few hundred dollars. This can be paid out at most twice per year; once during the winter season (October 1 - March 31) and once during the hot Alabama Summer season (April 1 - September 30).

There can also be home visits with elderly clients that are done by CAA-HTSVAL. Staff will ensure that their needs are met and emergencies are addressed.




Comprehensive rental, housing and foreclosure counseling services are offered. It is done for tenants, potential home buyers, and current homeowners. This assistance from HUD approved specialists enables them to improve their housing conditions and meet the responsibilities of home ownership or tenancy. Clients can learn about loans for buying a home or paying the rent. Emergency assistance can be arranged as well as a form of homeless prevention in the city of Huntsville as well as Madison and Limestone counties.

Participants can get financial assistance with utility bills, emergency rent, or partial mortgage payments. The community action partnership is heavily involved with efforts to eliminate homelessness, and this can include shelters and funds for paying security deposits. Residents can get assistance in completing loan applications for housing programs as well as free legal type advice on problems of evictions, mortgage default, evictions or rent delinquencies.

The state of Alabama and U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program reduces energy bills for low-income homeowner. It does this by increasing the energy efficiency and conservation levels of their homes while ensuring their safety and health. This program provides energy free, effective conservation improvements including extra insulation, caulking, furnace repairs and more, such as weather stripping. It is for households which meet established income guidelines in the Madison and Limestone areas of Alabama.

Community Action Partnership of Huntsville/Madison and Limestone Counties works to educate consumers in energy efficiency practices, reduce utility costs and alleviate high energy bills for low-income families, and also help the nation by decreasing the nation's dependence on imported oil or gas.

A number of other financial assistance and related services are offered. They include:

  • Medical care such as Vision Services or referrals to clinics.
  • Financial Assistance – This can be Mortgage / Rental Assistance, Utilities, Security Deposit Assistance and other forms of temporary financial relief due to unforeseen temporary loss of income or an unexpected emergency expense.
  • Referrals and education, such as training for GED from CAA-HTSVAL, Information and Referral, and job placement assistance.
  • Other programs in Huntsville and Madison may be Homeless Aid, Weatherization, loans for certain housing expenses, applications for SNAP food stamps, and more. Eligibility requirements vary depending on the assistance program.





Not only are services offered, but staff work to empower clients by providing them with knowledge to achieve economic self-sufficiency and gain access to new employment opportunities. So a hands on, holistic approach is taken with the client.

Assistance for children includes Head Start, summer meals, and other support. Education is part of Head start, and this is a comprehensive child development program which is designed to meet the needs of young children from low income families. Assistance is also offered for the entire family, including parents. They can get information on job training opportunities in the Huntsville area, credit counseling, and similar services. Staff work with parents to maximize their strengths and experience.

As far as children go, Head Start Programs are for those under the age of 5 as well as the disabled. They can get free health care, nutrition, snacks and other social services are provided. Priority Community Action Partnership Madison and Limestone is given to Medicaid recipients, 4-year-olds and children with disabilities.

Call (256) 851-9800 or stop by the Community Action Partnership of Huntsville, Madison and Limestone Counties at 3516 Stringfield Road, N.W., Huntsville, AL 35810.




By Jon McNamara

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