Collin County and McKinney Salvation Army assistance programs.

The working poor and unemployed are some of the primary beneficiaries of the Salvation Army and their services. The Collin County Texas center offers emergency assistance programs for basic needs, and will try to help people make it through a difficult moment. They will try to help people gain longer stability as well.

Senior Citizens are a focus of the agency as well. The elderly are a growing percentage of the population, and unfortunately a too many live close to, or in, poverty. The demand for services and assistance from older Americans will continue to increase. The Salvation Army of McKinney and Collin County is prepared to meet the basic and emergency needs of the region’s aging population when no one else will care for them.

Most of the emergency and financial aid is provided by emergency Family Services. If funding is available and the applicant meets qualifications, the program may be able to offer resources to the needy. This includes a free food bag for 3 days, up to one month rent/mortgage/utility payment assistance, as well as information/referral for additional supportive services and non-profits. Additional stability and social services include the following.

  • After-school program for children as well as Summer Day Camp.
  • Angel Tree, Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance, holiday and Christmas meals and gifts.
  • Clothing assistance, hygiene packs, school supplies and furniture.
  • Community Feeding Programs, kitchen, food pantry, daily meals for the homeless, snack bags and other canned goods.
  • Summer Heat Relief, Fans, and Winter Heating aid.
  • Veterans Programs, Emergency Homeless Shelter and Simon Transitional Housing Program.

Home Sweet Home Program offers housing, eviction and Homeless Prevention. The Collin County Salvation Army's Home Sweet Home Program, non-profits, professional case workers, and the local government are all committed to preventing and reversing homelessness in the community. The primary goal is to support residential stability by providing currently homeless and at risk households the tools to effectively budget and manage expenses (such as their rent) and income. After all preventing homelessness is much more effective than dealing with someone who has been evicted.





The Salvation Army offers many resources in an effort to help put a family back together. They administer financial resources and classes. Case managers and social workers provide education and guidance, emergency financial assistance (up to 1-6 months) and monthly budgeting classes and workshops. Collin County Texas families may be spared months of misery and hardship by being pro-active and using Salvation Army programs. In order to get housing assistance from Home Sweet Home, a family needs to meet qualifications. This includes they need to have exhibited a strong desire to change and improve their financial condition and life, and also to fully participate within guidelines. They need to be willing to enter into, and sustain, long term stability.

League of Mercy is a program that offers Nursing Home Visits. Many volunteers, men, women, and children spend countless hours conducting services and making personal to raise the spirits of lonely, the homebound, sick people, and seniors throughout the year.

Older Adult Camp is offered to senior citizens from Collin County and the greater the DFW Metroplex. There is a camp that runs in September, and it is formally known as Camp Hoblitzelle. It takes a total of 3 days, and senior citizens can receive a variety of exciting activities that were created just for seniors, including dancing, crafts, BINGO, and fishing.




Weekday Fellowship Groups is another senior type assistance program for the McKinney Texas region. It will help the elderly and seniors feel a sense of connection to others in the community, and it will give them something to look forward to on weekday mornings. Several Salvation Army community centers offer resources, including daily morning programs for seniors. It includes activities such as guest speakers, crafts, ceramics, dominoes, sewing, games, exercise, sing-alongs, and dancing.

The primary office is at 600 Wilson Creek Pkwy., McKinney, Texas 75069, call (972) 542-6694.


By Jon McNamara

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