Coalition for the Homeless Pasco County rent and housing programs.

Services from the Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County include information on financial aid and referrals. They are a key member of the Continuum of Care in Florida, and are committed to both ending future homelessness and rehousing those that need a place to live. They operate several programs both by themselves and with partners in the region.

Those that need a place to live can look into rapid re-housing, or so called Housing First. This is a holistic process in which the individual will meet with a case manager and learn about their options for stability. As part of this, there may be one time funds to pay first months rent or maybe a utility connection fee. Other grants may be for paying moving costs or the security deposit.

The Pasco Coalition for the Homeless created this to be a better solution to just using transitional housing. The Continuum of Care strongly believes that at risk homeless people and the vulnerable are more responsive to social services and interventions. They may be able to respond better to case management and ongoing support.

While everyone from Pasco County may not qualify for rehousing, there is still temporary/transitional facilities or short term apartments offered. Regardless of which solution is used, the goal is to help people to begin to regain control and the self-confidence needed. Another component of this of course may be emergency financial aid to pay for a portion of their housing expenses.

Case management is a key serve of any rehousing service indicated above. All people who receive support will be required to go through the process. This will address employment needs, any credit concerns, or other challenges that are faced by the client.

The HMIS - Homeless Management Information Systems is also operated by the Coalition for the Homeless in Pasco County. This is a database that offers information on the housing problems and challenges in the county. They also have information on what churches or other groups may operate shelters or can offer some form of help.




Another key partner of the Coalition is the Pasco County Housing Authority. They also assist low-income families and others. Groups in the area will also focus on seniors and the disabled. All individual may be able to be placed into decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities. It provides people time to achieve self-sufficiency.

The Housing Authority, working with groups such as the Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County, are all committed to operating in an efficient manner to help those that are struggling. Together they will explore all options, such as section 8 HUD vouchers for paying rent and more.

Cash grants may be offered from the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act. This can pay for rehousing, as noted above, and other programs such as Students in Transition. SIT, as it is known, ensures homeless youth and children have access to attendance, school enrollment and stability.

Not only will they be given shelter or a place to live if need be, but children who are homeless may request transportation to the last school they attended. There may be free meals, clothing, and other support given to them as well. Call 813-794-4980.




F.I.T., or the Families in Transition, provides case management. The Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County uses government funds to pay for this. The program is also run in collaboration with Pasco Human Services, and the long term goal is to stabilize the situation and rehouse the person. FIT will mostly offer referrals to clients in lieu of cash for housing costs.

Guidance, and other support is offered from Homeless of Pasco County Florida. For any funds to pay rent, referrals or other expenses, those families will often need to be referred to other non-profit resources in Paso County. Call 727-842-8605.


By Jon McNamara

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