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Utility and electric bill assistance in Florida.

Low income families in Florida will be able to receive help with utility bills from the government, a non-profit or their electric or energy company. Find how to get help, including hardship grant money or emergency financial assistance, to pay utility bills or a deposit to keep the power on. There are also free discounts for seniors, payment plans, deferral programs, forgiveness and other resources. Learn how to get help with a utility bill in FL.

In addition, to government benefits and payment plans, many charities and non-profits may also be able to offer emergency help to pay energy or light bills in Florida. Find information below on how to get help for paying electric, cooling, light or AC bills from both the government and individual utility companies. There is a focus often on the elderly, disabled, veterans, single moms and low income households. The providers often times work with local charity organizations and non-profits who administer the funds.

Also, learn how to conserve energy from free weatherization services and other methods, and learn where to apply to for help. If your utility company in Florida is not listed here, find additional ways how to get help with electric bills.

Assistance from utility companies in Florida

City of Lake Worth Utilities - Donations from customers and local businesses are used to assist needy families with paying their utility and cooling bills from a program known as Share to Care. This financial assistance fund is administered by the local Salvation Army branch in your county. 561-582-6686 or try (561) 533-7300.

City of Leesburg- An assistance program known as Citizens Utility Relief Effort (C.U.R.E.) provides utility bill help to customers who are unable to pay their monthly bill. At most $100 per year in financial aid is provided. The assistance fund may be turned to by customers in the event they experience an unexpected illness or injury or a loss of employment. Call 352-787-1156 to learn more or apply for help.

City of Tallahassee Utilities - One-time cash grants and financial assistance payments are provided for eligible customers from a program known as Project Share. Call 850-222-2043 or 850-891-4968.




Clay County Utility offers help to the disabled and seniors from plans such as Golden Opportunities. Another option is Lend a Hand, which is available for low income customers facing a crisis. Those Florida households that qualify may be provided a grant for their electric bills. Learn more on Clay County utility bill assistance.

Clay Electric Cooperative - Runs a program known as Project Share. Your local Salvation Army branch handles the distribution of the funds from the program and determines eligibility. You will need to call the Salvation Army in your town or county to apply.

Duke Energy (formerly Progress Energy) - Low to moderate-income families and individuals that are facing unexpected energy costs or bills can receive help through the Energy Neighbor Fund. All monies are distributed through local social charities as well as service agencies to pay for electricity, gas, cooling, oil or wood expenses and bills. Call 1-800-700-8744 or 800.777.9898

Progress Energy also provides Florida customers other options, such as medical hardships and disconnection moratoriums. Read about additional assistance programs from Duke - Progress Energy.

Florida Power & Light Company - The Care to Share Program will offer up to $500 once per year in energy, utility and cooling bill assistance to families and customers who are in an emergency or crisis situation. This form of help is if the customer is unable to pay their monthly electric bill. Call your local Salvation Army branch.

FPL also offers several other financial assistance and grant programs as well as payment plans. Some are funded by the government, and others provide direct cash assistance to customers. There are also payment deferrals from FPL. This phone number is 1-800-226-3545 or 1 (888) 988-8249, or read more Florida Power and Light low income programs.

Fort Pierce Authority - Project Care is a program that assists utility customers who are in need of emergency utility bill assistance. Contributions to this program are made by local businesses, individuals, religious and civic organizations. Dial 1-800-330-8870 or (772) 466-1600





FPU, or Florida Public Utilities - Most of the financial assistance they offer is in the form of, and referrals to, local non-profits such as the Salvation Army. Programs are offered for both natural gas and electric customers. The company does offer some of their own resources though, such as payment plans and budget billing options. Continue with financial support from Florida Public Utilities.

Gainesville Regional Utilities - Funds may be available to pay for emergency energy-related costs from the Project Share assistance program. The money can pay for expenses including gas, cooling, electric or oil bills. Grants can even cover the repair of vital cooling as well as heating equipment. Preference for the cash grants is given to applicants who are 60 years of age and older or who are disabled, handicapped or who are low income or not economically self-sufficient. Call 352-376-1743 for aid.

Glades Electric Cooperative, Inc. (They only help their OWN CUSTOMERS). Individuals, local business, and customer donations fund a program known as Operation Roundup. The program is run by the Glades Electric Charitable Trust, Inc.. The provider which provides grants and funds for families, individuals, and even local non-profit or charitable organizations. Funds may be used for more than just paying utility bills, and can cover such expenses as food, rent, shelter, clothing, and health care and medical needs. Their Customers ONLY can dial 800-226-4024 or 863-946-6200

Gulf Power - Provides crisis and emergency assistance to those who need help with paying energy bills from a program known as Project Share. In addition, emergency assistance can pay for the repairs to air-conditioning as well as heating equipment, and other energy-related needs. The assistance program will help the disabled, the elderly, the sick and others who are experiencing financial hardship or short term emergency. Contact a local Salvation Army branch in your town for assistance. More details Gulf Power assistance programs.

JEA - Emergency and crisis energy bill related assistance for disabled, elderly, and low-income citizens is offered by the Neighbor To Neighbor program. There are also payment plans. Call 1-800-683-5542

JEA provides several other financial assistance programs to low income customers. They can offer help with both electric and water bills. A focus is also on assisting senior citizens in the region. Some of the resources offered range from federal government assistance from LIHEAP to payment plans. More on utility bill assistance from JEA.

Kissimmee Utility Authority - Receive assistance from the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. Cash grants may be offered to help customers in emergency situations. 877-582-7700




Lakeland Electric - The Project Care utility bill assistance program provides electric bill assistance to customers and seniors who are 60 and older and/or disabled.

Ocala Electric Utility - This energy and cooling bill assistance program, which is known as Neighbors Who Care Program, was created to help pay utility bills for those customers who are unable to maintain utility service due to financial hardships or a short term emergency. All funds are administered locally by a charity or community action agency. 1-800-893-4760 or dial (352) 629-2489

Orlando Utilities Commission - Funds are collected by OUC and turned over to the Community Services Network (CSN), which then runs the grant program. The money from the local, non-profit community assistance agency pays money to qualified clients. Maximum household benefit of $300 for a one-year period is offered from the Project Care program. Dial 407-849-2356 or  407-423-9018

Peoples Gas - This is Florida’s leading natural gas company. Their service territory covers every major city in the state. Every year thousands of low income customers receive financial assistance, payment plans, and energy conservation from the company. There are also abatements on monthly gas bills. More information on Peoples Gas financial assistance.

Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Runs the SECO Angel Fund. Both utility company and customer donations are administered by local agencies, charities, energy and emergency assistance and other community projects. Contact a local agency or Salvation Army for an application. 352-793-3801

Tampa Electric - An assistance program known as SHARE helps elderly customers who are low-income and/or medically disabled pay their energy-related bills. Call 813-226-0055 to learn more or apply. Or click here for more details on assistance from Tampa Electric.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative - Member donations as part of Operation Roundup provide financial assistance and cash grants to members of the community who have suffered a catastrophic event. Contact a WREC office to get help.

Government low income energy bill assistance programs in Florida

Low income government assistance including LIHEAP and free weatherization - Resources can help pay your monthly utility and cooling bills, or provide financial assistance in an emergency. The federal government low income energy bill assistance program, weatherization, and EHEAP (for seniors) are the primary government resources. Click here LIHEAP and weatherization in Florida.




Florida community action agencies can also help with energy bills. They are often a source for government grants, information on free energy conservation measures, disabled or elderly assistance (from the government and non-profits) and more. A community action agency may even help with rebates, payment plans, and other solutions. More on community action agencies in Florida.


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