Christian Assistance Network assistance programs.

Christian Assistance Network of Mesa provides a combination of services to struggling families. Whether a resident is considered working poor, unemployed, or if they have a disability, the charity may offer support. Everything from emergency financial aid for rent, utilities, or medications can be provided along with access to a food pantry or clothing closet.

Job placement services are also available in Maricopa County. This form of support will be used to assist the family with breaking a cycle of poverty or hunger. It will help both the head of the household and there are also services for children to help them get off on the correct footing.

Maricopa County residents may receive assistance with obtaining adequate amounts of food from the Christian Assistance Network Pantry. Created as a non-profit organization, the food pantry exclusively purchases groceries and then distributes packages.

There is an application process, and support is only offered to eligible families once in a given month, up to four times per year. Income eligibility requirements are in place but may change. They generally include an annual income at or below 200 percent of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ designated poverty level. Food quantities passed out by staff are determined according to the number of family members in a household.

Personal hygiene and other essential items are for individuals that just can't afford to buy these supplies on their own. These are also passed out from the pantry. Some examples of what may be provided include toothbrushes, men’s and women’s deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent, razors, dish detergent, or bar soap among others. Clients can include families who are unemployed or homeless. Other people seeking help from Christian Assistance Network for hygiene needs may only be receiving food stamps.

Christian Assistance Network helps with a range of tough financial challenges that people may have, whether unemployment, disability, or a divorce. In addition to resolving the immediate issues, the goal is to also help people build their independence and gain financial self-sufficiency.




Residents impacted by a lack of sufficient food or transportation can be given groceries or a gas voucher. There may also be financial assistance to avert eviction, foreclosure and/or utility disconnection. The churches that are part of Christian Assistance Network  also help with medical needs, such as access to any needed prescription medications. The goal of the non-profit is to meet these immediate needs, resolve the crisis, and provide more long term support.

When it comes to long term aid for paying utility bills, the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides financial assistance for income qualified households to offset ever-rising home electric bills. The staff at CAN can offer referrals to this service.

Not only may a grant be issued for paying the bill, but LIEAP also provides outreach services to people with disabilities, seniors and families with children aged five years and under. For other residents in Maricopa County, program benefits are disbursed on a first come, first-served basis.

LIHEAP is not an entitlement program. To be eligible for this service, household income must be at or below 60 percent of the state of Arizona median income, with poverty levels based on household income and size.

With the large number of immigrants and newcomers in Mesa Arizona, Christian Assistance Network offers English as a Second Language classes too, as indicated above. These are provided in order to make life easier for those who are arriving in the state of Arizona from other countries with limited or no English language skills. It can also help others touch up on their skills.

Instruction is provided by tutors affiliated with Christian Assistance Network in a very small group or one-on-one setting in locations across Maricopa County. The tutors are adept at helping students improve their language abilities, whether they need to brush up on already-learned English language skills or begin learning from the start.

Christian Assistance Network Santa Holiday Project relies on the generosity of community supporters, businesses, and churches in the Mesa service area. Various teams throughout the area assist the agency with the project and providing toys, gifts, and food to the less fortunate. School counselors also refer children and parents to it.




More than half of the families receive holiday gifts from it. The toys are distributed through the Christian Assistance Network of churches which is stocked with items donated from the community. There may be toys and gifts donated by individuals and groups. In addition, numerous companies, churches, and organizations have Angel Trees and gather food or gifts to donate to the project.

For more details on the services available from the Network affiliated churches, the address is 6659 E University Dr, Mesa, Arizona, 85205-7697. Referrals can be obtained by dialing (480) 985-1660.


By Jon McNamara

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