California water bill assistance.

Customers in California who are faced with a shut-off of their water service or need help to turn it back on can get assistance. There is also support for those who are struggling to pay their water bills on time and they too have a number of resources available to them. Most companies in California offer Low-Income Rate Assistance Programs, and another option is arranging a payment plan. A large number of discount programs are offered as well. The California Public Utilities Commission requires that all water companies offer some form of savings, discounts, or financial assistance to families who need help.

Payment plans are usually offered when a customer is faced with an imminent disconnection or shut off of their service. In particular, some of the instances in which assistance is offered include when a customer requests an extension of payments within a specific amount of time or if the individual initiates a billing complaint, as that takes time to resolve.

There may also be special programs and payment plans offered for customers who are elderly, very low income, or disabled. Also note that if a physician certifies that it would be life threatening to discontinue a certain households service than California water companies may also do what they can to keep your service on. Or they will offer help to reconnect it or pay any deposits or fees.




Military members and their immediate families may also be able to receive help as well. The state wants to ensure that those who served our country are treated fairly. If a member of the armed forces receives their service from Class A water utility companies, then special payment plans may be provided to them. This is for both active duty Military Families and/or veterans in California.

Most water utility companies in California offer customers a discount on their monthly bill. As with most financial assistance and discount programs available in the state, there are conditions that need to be met. Income limits will be in effect and they will vary by water company. Other factors will include household size and any medical emergencies that may be in place. Check with your water utility provider to find out:

California water bill discount programs

California Water Service – Has several offices around the region. Call or see your local office. They can provide customers a 50% on monthly service charge ($3-10)





Golden State – Save 15% on Service Charge (Covers Regions II & III). Call 866-260-2279

San Jose – Qualified customers can receive 15% off on their total water bill or help in reconnecting it. 408-279-7910

California American – Programs can waive their service charge (Monterey), save $5 on total bill (Sacramento), or get savings of $8.50 on their total bill (Larkfield). Call 626-614-2509

San Gabriel Valley
El Monte Office. Call 626-448-6183. Receive 50% off on Service Charge, and this program covers all districts.
Other locations include Whittier Office (phone 562-699-1041), City of Industry Office (call 626-330-1628), and Fontana Water (dial 909-822-2201).

San Jose Hills – Receive $6.50 discount on Monthly Bill (all districts). Dial 626-543-2640. Or if you live in Whittier or La Mirada California, call 562-944-8219

Park – Customers can apply for $5.50 discount on their total monthly water bill. Phone 800-727-5987, or call 562-923-0711, x1234.

Apple Valley Ranchos – Phone number 800-481-9190. Save $5.83 on total monthly water bill.

Valencia – Phone number 661-294-0828. Save 50% on monthly service charge.




Great Oaks – Call 408-227-9540 for information on how to get 50% savings or discount on bi-monthly service charge on your water bill.

Statewide assistance

To learn more about these programs, or to find how to get help with paying bills from other utility or water companies, dial the California Public Utilities Commission at 415.703.2782 for more information.


By Jon McNamara

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