Oakland California water bill assistance.

Oakland California residents can get assistance with paying their water bills from a couple different programs that are offered by East Bay Municipal Utility District. They provide payment extension plans, offer a resource known as the Customer Assistance Program (CAP), and advise individuals on how to save water, which will in effect reduce your future water bills.

The main assistance program offered may be the Customer Assistance Program (CAP). This can support low income customers in the Oakland region, and funds can even be used to help pay the water bills for such local charities as homeless shelters.

Financial help is targeted at the low income, seniors, unemployed, disabled, and others in the community. Many of the requirements of the Customer Assistance Program are the same as the PG&E CARE Program. Probably one of the easiest ways to apply for this financial assistance program is to include a copy of your PG&E CARE bill with your completed application. There may be additional requirements that need to be met, and proof will need to be provided as well.

The CAP program will pay the following towards families who reside in Single-Family Dwellings. Assistance can cover up to fifty percent of the standard bimonthly service charge, which is usually in the mid $20 range. In addition, the program can cover up to 50% of home water use in each eligible household, up to a maximum of 1,050 gallons per person per month.

So the program is quite extensive in both the amount and type of assistance that is provided to the low income. In addition, please note that effective January 1, 2012, a 35% discount on EBMUD wastewater service charge and flow charges collected will be applied to each single-family dwelling account, so this can result in additional savings on sewer bills.

For charities that qualify as Homeless Shelters in the Oakland region, they may be entitled to fifty percent reduction of the meter charge (based on meter size), and 50% of the water usage per client. This assistance is capped at a maximum of 1,050 gallons per person per month per homeless shelter. For homeless shelters, in addition to the above, effective January 1, 2012, an additional 35% discount on East Bay Municipal Utility District flow charges and wastewater service charges will be applied to each homeless shelter account.





There are various income and household size conditions that need to be met in order to qualify for help from the Customer Assistance Program. Single-Family Residents need to be considered low income. What will be considered is the household’s size as well as the total household income, which of course includes all residents of the home or apartment. In addition, the home must have an individual water meter installed and it needs to be the primary residence of the applicant. Assistance is not provided for second homes, or people who do not live in the service territory.

Additional East Bay Municipal Utility District assistance programs

In addition to the discounts and savings indicated above, there are other ways EBMUD can help with paying water bills. They include the following.

Payment extensions and arrangements – The goal is to prevent shut offs of a customer’s water service, so EBMUD will work with struggling individuals across Oakland to try to find a solution for an emergency hardship. One option may be for the customer to request a payment extension or make payment arrangements for their water or sewer bills.




Save Water – The company runs a so called WaterSmart Center that can provide people with tips and tricks and ways they can save water and reduce your water bill.

To request an application or to learn more about any of these options or additional assistance programs, call 1-866-403-2683.

By Jon McNamara

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