San Jose water bill assistance.

People who are faced with a shut off of their water service in San Jose and Santa Clara California may be able to qualify for assistance with paying their water bill. Programs provide discounts, payment plans, and also the possibility of limited amounts of direct financial assistance.

The leading resource available in San Jose is the Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP). This service provides up to a 15% discount on the customers total water bill. As with almost all financial assistance and discount programs offered by any agency or government program, assistance is only available for qualified customers, and those conditions that need to be met include the following.

San Jose Water Company’s customers can receive the discount on their water bill if they are considered low income, and if they meet the following criteria.

Applicants can’t be claimed as a dependent on another person’s federal or state of California tax return.

One of the key criteria is the customer’s income. Applicants need to provide verification and proof of their total household income with your application. Some of those forms of proof will include an income tax return, W-2 or any other proof of income that may be considered acceptable to SJWC. Note that PG&E CARE participants must also submit a copy of their PG&E utility bill.

If a customer who is in the program moves to a new home, apartment, or residence then they need to reapply for the discount.

It almost goes without being said that The San Jose Water Company water bill must be in the customer’s name or the bill must be a sub metered tenant in an apartment or a mobile home park.

Participants must renew their application for the discount every two years, or sooner, if requested by San Jose Water Company.

If your income increases, if you move, or if you somehow ineligible for the Water Rate Assistance Program, the customer needs to notify San Jose Water Company within 30 days of losing eligibility.





Income guidelines take into account both the customers income and number of household members.

While not as common, the water provider can sometimes enter into payment plans with customers who are faced with a shut off and who encountered an unexpected emergency. So this can provide customers more time to pay their water bills. Also, San Jose Water Company may be able to refer people to other local Santa Clara County charities and non-profits that can offer emergency cash assistance, grants, and other financial aid.

You can call San Jose Water Company at (408) 279-7900 to learn more about this discount program, payment plans, or other services.  In addition, please also closely review the application for more information and conditions of San Jose Water Company's Water Rate Assistance Program.




By Jon McNamara

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