Buffalo County Nebraska assistance programs.

Find grants and money to help pay bills, rent, and mortgage

If you need help in this weak economy, grant funds and cash assistance will be used to provide emergency rent and mortgage assistance, as well as other aid. The Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska (CAP) will be administering this program. They also offer several other services and resources as noted per below.

In addition, food assistance is available through the Salvation Army (phone 308-234-9998). The center, which is based in Kearney, works to prevent hunger and may also provide rent, utility bill, or security deposit help.

Fighting hunger is one focus though, both year round and also providing help during Christmas or Thanksgiving. There is support for the homeless and families living in poverty. They may qualify for perishable food vouchers for the pantry at the Kearney Jubilee Center. More on Salvation Army programs in Buffalo County.

Get free food from the Mid-Nebraska Food Bank. This organization works with CAP and they serve two types of charities. They include Emergency Food Pantries, where families and individuals needing assistance can pick up food for their own use. The second option is picking up free meals on site. This list includes residential treatment centers, day care centers, senior centers and homeless programs. The charities benefits as they only need to arrange transportation to one location to access a variety of products. Call (308) 865-5683.

Free and Discounted Medical Care is provided by the Clinics of Good Health. This health care program offers diabetes screenings, physical exams, and other health care services to people who live in both Buffalo and Dawson counties. There is a fee of $20 per visit to the center. They can also refer people to free prescription programs, and other ways to get free health care. Click here to learn more.





Save on energy bills from Weatherization. The goal of the program is to reduce energy costs and heating bills for low to moderate income families, particularly people with disabilities, the elderly, and children, while also safeguarding their safety and health. The WAP will make it possible for low-income as well as middle families to permanently lower their home heating and energy bills. Professional contractors or crews will install energy efficiency measures in homes or apartments that are currently occupied by qualifying low-income families. The program is free of charge, and it does not cost the homeowner a thing.

Hunger prevention programs and food pantries are available in Buffalo County for the low income or people in a crisis. Depending on the center in question, there may not only be free boxes of groceries or hot meals served, but other resources are offered too. This ranges from holiday meals to applications to benefits, winter attire, and more.

  • Jubilee Food Pantry - Phone 308-234-3880
  • Pumpkin Patch mostly has meals and the like. Dial 308-237-4220.
  • Find more information on charity run food banks. Read more.

Rent and mortgage assistance in Buffalo County

The Kearney Area Community Foundation is working with the community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska to distribute thousands of dollars in emergency relief to help people pay their rent and their mortgage. This is an annual program, and it is the second year the Kearney and Kiewit foundations have partnered on the distribution of these housing grants. Or find additional ways to get mortgage help.




To learn about any of these programs, stop by the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska at 16 West 11th, Kearney, Nebraska. Or call them at (308) 865-5675. They offer these programs, as well as other resources to those who are in need of help.


By Jon McNamara

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