Bucks County Pennsylvania rent assistance.

Programs, agencies, and non-profits can provide emergency help in the form of shelter, funds for rental expenses, and housing as needed for Bucks County Pennsylvania residents. Learn about how to get one time emergency cash grants and financial assistance for preventing an eviction or paying rent or security deposits. The resources are focused on assisting residents when an emergency situation occurs.

Individuals, seniors, or families in Bucks County who need rent help, people who have been served an eviction notice or those who may need funds to pay a security deposit can call one or more of the following agencies and charities for advice or applications. The following are just some of the places to call.

Doylestown Area FISH is a non-profit that provides qualified individuals with emergency shelter, limited amounts of cash for rent assistance, and other aid such as electric bill help. Note that residents of the Central Bucks School District are the only people that Doylestown Area FISH may be able to support. Call 215-348-7172

A very similar service is run by Pennridge Fish Organization, which is a non-profit organization created to serve the needs, including addressing housing, of low-income families who live in the Pennridge School District. No appointment is necessary. The non-profit Pennridge Fish provides limited one time financial assistance or even loans for rental costs when an emergency or crisis occurs. Perkasie, Pennsylvania based.

The County Opportunity Council, Bucks Administration Office can offer qualified families and individuals information on emergency rent assistance programs in the community. They also run a shelter program for the homeless and people on the verge of eviction, and partner with local churches and charities in other ways.

Rental Assistance may be offered for current residents. These individuals may receive funds for move-in money and security deposits to get into permanent housing. Or money may be provided to those who are facing an eviction, and they can access funding to prevent homelessness.





Another service is the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS). This is provided in collaboration with the Bucks County Pennsylvania Housing Authority, and it was created for clients who have received and/or use a section 8 certificate. The primary objective of the FSS program is to increase a client’s income through employment and increased skills to be able to get off of subsidized housing. Continue with Family Self Sufficiency from section 8.

Also, the Emergency Shelter Assistance Program is run in partnership through local County Assistance Offices (CAO), and this service is administrated for Bucks County through this office. Contact them for full details on the program.

Call (215) 345-8175 to reach the Bucks County Opportunity Council. This is the local community action agency that is involved in grant and other housing programs. More on Bucks County Opportunity Council programs.

The Levittown Community Worship Center branch of the Salvation Army is a leading non-profit charity organization to call. Various social services are provided that can help people with rent and mortgage payments, when funds are available. Only a small amount may be paid out, and criteria are strict, and oftentimes the funds will run out. Social workers can almost always offer referrals to government housing programs, like section 8, and Pennsylvania resources. Dial 215-945-0717.

Tenant Action Group, which can be reached at 215.575.0700, offers advice, referrals, and general support for those who are faced with an eviction. Clients can learn about everything from government grants for back rent to mediation with attorneys.




Diversified Community Services is based in Philadelphia, but also services the Bucks County region. The non-profit can direct people to financial assistance programs and government resources, all with the goal of preventing homelessness. Call 215.336.3511.

Neighborhood Outreach Foundation can offer help and financial assistance to residents within the Council Rock School District community.

Department of Community and Business Development of Doylestown, PA – 18901 can be called at (215) 345-3842. Help for rental expenses, including no interest loans, may be offered from the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.

South Lehigh Action Council is a community action agency that has information on some homeless prevention programs. Telephone 215.229.2801.

ESA is a government funded homeless prevention program. It can help with rent, mortgage payments, and rehousing. Families as well as seniors or single moms can apply for money for paying rental arrears or other housing costs, and legal help is also available. Find details on homeless prevention in Bucks County.

Get free legal aid and support in Bucks County when it comes to landlord/tenant issues from Montgomery County Legal Services (call 610.275.5400) as well as Community Legal Services (dial 215.981.3700)

SE Pennsylvania Legal Services also has attorneys on staff that can offer eviction help. They also deal with other housing issues faced by low income families and seniors. The number is 877-429-5994.





Bucks County Welfare office, based in the city of Bristol, offers emergency rental assistance if a tenant has a pay or quit notice. The government agency also arranges landlord mediation, can refer clients to transitional housing, and tries to offer money for security deposits as well. Some low income tenants may be issued short term loans for any rent arrears or other bills. The phone number is 215-781-3300.

By Jon McNamara

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