Brownsville Salvation Army assistance programs.

Find information on emergency assistance and other aid offered by the Brownsville Texas area Salvation Army centers. A focus is on providing help to local families who are struggling. The reality is that many times people do fall behind on their housing or rent or face a crisis. Maybe they need food or helping in getting a better job. Some situations can be due to situations beyond their control. This is where the Salvation Army can help by offering money for helping with bills, housing, or case management services.

It is a mission of theirs to reach out to and assist struggling individuals and families during the trying times and to give them short term aid and a helping hand up whenever possible. So they offer many types of emergency assistance to Brownsville area residents as noted below.

Holiday programs – Contributions and donations from members of the town and community go towards providing free Christmas toys, dinners, and clothing for families and children in need. Financial assistance may also be offered around the holidays, and this money can help with addressing basic necessities (such as food and housing), along with seasonal aid.

Seniors and families with children are given priority for holiday assistance. Volunteers who work with the Salvation Army can also distribute gifts and holiday items to shut-ins in hospitals and nursing homes. Shelters will also be open for providing sit-down dinners and meals around the holidays.




One of the main Christmas programs that operates in Cameron County is the Angel Tree Program. This has provided holiday and Christmas assistance for thousands of seniors and disadvantaged children over the years in the community. Hundreds of families receive help every year. Much of what is distributed is offered from donations from the local community. The local Angel Tree Program is one of the largest and longest-standing holiday gift-giving initiatives in the Brownsville and Cameron County region.

Senior centers are located across Cameron County Texas. Some assistance programs focus on the elderly and seniors, and they can deliver meals, aid and really just friendly smiles to the elderly, senior citizens and the homebound. The centers also provide the needy with daily breakfast and lunch meals. Those older residents who are on a low income and need an affordable place to live may be able to get advice and suggestions on senior housing and apartment units. Some local apartments charge rent on an income-based scaling system. So this will in effect provide the elderly the independence and dignity they deserve from having a safe and affordable home.





Emergency financial assistance from the Brownsville Salvation Army provides the needy with temporary emergency assistance to local families and individuals. Resources can provide mortgage, rent, water bill, free food and clothing assistance to qualified families and adults. If the agency does not have funding, they may be able to offer referrals to other collaborating non-profit agencies. One major resource is help in applying for benefits, including tips on applying for SNAP food stamps or other regional Cameron County services.

Food pantries can offer emergency groceries and food which can be used to help meet the ongoing daily demands of those who are struggling. Many centers across Cameron County Texas strive to keep well-stocked food pantries at their locations. Senior citizens, as well as families and individuals, are eligible to receive food boxes containing high quality, nutritious grocery items. This can include frozen meats, canned food, dried goods, fruits, and bread. Enough items are provided to help people meet their basic needs for several days.

Cooling, utility bill and rental assistance is available in the Brownsville Texas region. Many public and government studies show it is infinitely less expensive and easier to keep someone in their home than to deal with homelessness. The Salvation Army realizes that it is to more difficult and expensive to re-establish a residence for an individual or family once they have become homeless. So for those people facing a crisis, the Salvation Army may have financial assistance for paying rent and utility bills. Priority is given to those facing eviction or homelessness without support.




Household Goods and Clothing is available for Texans in Brownsville who are in need of furniture, emergency clothing, household goods, or similar items. Some centers may have vouchers that may be distributed by one of their social service or case managers. The vouchers can usually be used at one of designated retail outlets or a local thrift store or to buy the clothes or household items they need.

Community Care Ministries can provide comfort to people, including seniors or prisoners, who are in convalescent and nursing homes, hospitals, correctional institutions, children’s homes, or veteran’s medical centers. Volunteers and case managers from the Salvation Army centers in Cameron County help those with special needs, including the homebound.


By Jon McNamara

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