Housing and social services from Broward Partnership.

The homeless and very low income are the focus of the Broward Partnership. The non-profit works to both assist with their immediate needs, and then re-house them once the situation is stable. Programs are available across the county and are offered directly by the agency or its partners.

Housing assistance from Broward Partnership

Clients can benefit from the services at the Central Homeless Assistance Center, which is run by the Broward Partnership. Among the resources available include shelter and short term housing, basic medical care, and free meals. Case managers from the partnership can also refer qualified clients to employment services as well as Rapid Re-Housing, which can includes emergency funds for security deposits or first months rent payments, among other resources.

The Central Homeless Assistance Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, and it can help hundreds of residents every month, including children, single moms, veterans, and people with a mental illness. Not only do clients get a place to stay and a meal, but they can partner with staff on acquiring stable housing and receiving attention for any other basic needs they have, such as food or medical assistance.

Family or Case Management Services will help individuals and families transition from homelessness into short term, stable or long term, permanent housing. The Broward Partnership offers solutions for a wide variety of challenges, include lack of employment, coordinating affordable child care, and the non-profit also advocates on behalf of clients. When staff from the partnership think the individual is self-sufficient, then there is guidance in applying for financial aid for housing and rental costs.

Life Skills Training, including Job Programs and Computer Workshops all have the objective of helping individuals with finding secure and stable employment at decent wages. The job will ideally allow the person to pay for basic needs such as utility bill, rent, food and clothing, among other expenses.

Case managers from the Workforce Development Program offer career counseling to clients. Based on the results of that, it will lead to job placement and retention services, vocational assistance, coaching, and classes in order to improve a resident's ability to find and keep their job. The homeless or public can gain access to a free computer lab in which they can search for positions in Broward County, and learn the latest software products.




Medical services from the partnership

As noted, addressing the medical or dental needs of the homeless or very low income, underinsured is one service available. Studies show that poor oral hygiene can lead to problems such as infection, gum disease, bone loss, heart disease, loss of teeth, strokes and more. The resource available is the Smiles Work! Dental Program, and it can offer patients screening for oral cancer, fillings and extractions, cleaning, X-Rays, extractions and other check ups. The Smiles Work! Program is offered at no cost.

Assistance for mental health is provided. This is often a big cause of homelessness or unemployment in Broward County. The Department of Children and Families works with the Broward Partnership and local medical professionals and psychiatrists to tackle this challenge. Clients can benefit from group and individual counseling, treatment planning, medication, and other medical support.

The Partnership’s Health Care Unit addresses other disabilities, illnesses, and injuries, all of which can lead to evictions and homelessness when individuals have insufficient income to pay the rent and lack access to affordable health care. There is assistance for chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and similar issues. When needed, referrals are provided to specialized medical services or urgent care centers in the southern Florida area.




Additional social services and support

A number of other social services are available in partnership with other agencies. They include the following.

  • A free clothing closet for work attire.
  • Free legal assistance for accessing housing, obtaining government benefits, and other civil issues, and this is provided by Legal Aid Service of Broward County.
  • Financial literacy and credit counseling classes.
  • Information on state and federal government public aid programs.
  • Referrals as needed.

Many other groups provide support to the Broward Partnership and work with the organization. Some of them include Taskforce for Ending Homelessness, Inc., Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership, the Board of County Commissioners, and also the government of the City of Fort Lauderdale itself.

For more information on their resources, the Broward Partnership is located at the Huizenga Campus. This is also where the short term housing or shelters are based at too. The address is 920 Northwest 7th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311-7229. Call 954.779.3990 for intake.



By Jon McNamara

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