Kitsap County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army center in Kitsap County administers, or has referrals to, as many as 20 different assistance programs. Some of them are financial, including funds for paying utility bills, medications, rent and other costs. Many other of the Salvation Army social services in Bremerton are non-monetary, and include Adult Day Care Centers, Addiction recovery programs, shelter, and more.

The overarching goal is to end poverty and hunger. They also help the elderly by supporting them with housing or basic needs, and assist substance abusers as well as the homeless. A variety of clients can be supported by the Bremerton Salvation Army Family Service Department.

Housing needs, financial aid, and food

The center offers Homeless Resources. There is a guide on site that can direct families facing homelessness, as well as people without a place to live, the support they need. The services range from emergency shelters with showers and laundry rooms to government grants to pay back rent or security deposits. There is both and long term housing programs, including transitional living centers, from the Bremerton Salvation Army.

Individuals from Kitsap County seeking to stay warn during the winter can use the Kitsap County Salvation Army housing programs. It gives them a meal, bed to sleep in, shower, and a place to stay warm and safe. The homeless and people in poverty can use the warm weather shelters.

There are also Transitional Living Homes that not only give a roof over the client's head, but Bremerton Salvation Army social workers give them more support. Topics include vocational services, GED classes, and information on job placement. The service helps clients establish themselves in society.

Free, canned goods, fresh produce and infant formula may be offered by the Kitsap County Salvation Army food pantry. There are also sit-down meals, home delivery services for the elderly, and more. The groceries and hunger prevention programs are meant to be a supplement only. The food is served at the same time someone joins educational classes, such as pre-retirement seminars, games, and other activities. Or for more sustainable support, try free food pantries in Kitsap County.





When it comes to a home delivered meal, this will assist the homebound so they can stay independent. The programs ensure that low to moderate income families do not go hungry. They also bring them Christmas or Thanksgiving meals.

During a crisis, when there is a short term reduction in income, the Salvation Army may be able to help the Bremerton family. Some emergency funds may help keep the heat on or pay the rent for someone with an eviction. Or medical needs may be offered to keep the client healthy and in good spirits. All aid is offered without regard to gender, ethnicity, age or socioeconomic level.

Additional social services in Kitsap County

The Salvation Army is involved in much more. They assist with employment needs, which is often critical to ending poverty. There is career coaching, job placement in Kitsap County, and general coaching. More practical items, such as clothes or free laptops for work may also be given to help the client get that job.

Children can benefit from counseling as well as homework assistance. Or they can get free Christmas gifts from Angel Tree. Or after school programs are arranged too, including activities for clubs, sports, dance, and summer camp. It will help the student advance as thy enter school. There may also be supplies as well as uniforms given out. The services help children get the support they need and even gain physical stamina.

Bremerton Salvation Army Social Skills development touches on many issues. The staff help people combat addictions through individual counseling sessions as well as life skills development. They also can regain health and stability. This may involve restoring families or using the ministry rather than drugs or alcohol.




Older adults can get help too. The Salvation Army contacts senior citizens in Kitsap County, no matter their income. They address needs over food, housing, and general socialization. They give them advice they need to live, as well as financial help, to live on a daily basis. Much of this is arranged by the Adult Day Care Center too.

For more information, the Salvation Army office is at 832 6th St, Bremerton, Washington 98337. Call the charity at (360) 373-5550.

By Jon McNamara

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