Boulder County Salvation Army programs.

Operating across Boulder County Colorado as well as the entire state, the local Salvation Army center serves the needy and less fortunate. They do this by coordinating programs such as the following.

-Housing First can place the homeless, families in poverty, and seniors into a new home or help with their rent payments.
-The homeless in Boulder, including men, can access shelter, meals, and support from Harbor Light.
-The Angel Tree programs from the Salvation Army provides free toys and Christmas gifts.
-Counseling is arranged for those from Boulder County that are battling additions.

The Salvation Army is also of course a source of referrals to many government and charitable assistance programs in Boulder. Since the amount of financial aid from this center is very limited (if non-existent) they may instead provide referrals to other benefits, such as TANF welfare, assistance programs for heating bills such as from Energy Out Reach Colorado, or section 8 rent vouchers.

The support from the non-profits is often focused on hunger and homeless prevention. The Salvation Army of Boulder County also does its part to help in this capacity. When it comes to free food, the food pantry as well as soup kitchen meet this goal. They are also a partner in Housing First, which is noted below.

With the cost of monthly rent in Boulder increasing at a very rapid rate, many people struggle to both find an affordable apartment to live in and to also maintain the costs. This program may help them. It is for residents that pass a background check, that have a child under the age of 18, do not have an active lease, or are elderly. The Salvation Army will help place them into a home somewhere in the service territory. They will also link the client to any local rent or security deposit programs.

Holiday assistance is provided at Christmas from the Boulder Angel Tree program. This combined all the key aspects of the holidays. There may be free toys for children, groceries as well as meals for the family (including the homeless), and small parties held as well. Both boys and girls, even up to teenager status, can enroll.





Attendees of this services range from low to moderate income families to Senior Citizens that may be in the Silver Crest Housing Units. There are also meals served to the homeless and very low income, and these take place at Easter, Christmas, as well as Thanksgiving. All the major events are covered.

There is also a Boulder County Salvation Army Thrift store, which is open to the public. There are all sorts of goods available, and the inventory changes by week or even day in some cases. The store may sell some or all of the following.
-Vintage collector items.
-Furniture for everyday use, such as beds, cribs, box springs, end tables, couches, and more. there may also be free furniture voucher programs offered to the low income.
-Utensils, kitchen appliances, and much more.
-Clothing is always for sale too, whether for Christmas, job interviews, or just general items.
-Basic medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

Volunteers and donations are always needed to keep this Family Store running. In some instances, the volunteers or part time staff will drive to pick up goods from the donor. This will only be in a limited area though.

There are other assistance programs and social services administered. Using money raised from the thrift store, or the support of the United Way of Bolder grant programs, the Salvation Army does what it can to help the working poor.




Sometimes the best solution may be a social worker just sitting down and listening to the person and offering a kid ear. Sometimes the help may come in the form of a hot meal or drink. Also as noted the referrals to public and financial aid are beneficial. No matter the need (or the applicant's age, race, or religion) try the Boulder County Salvation Army at 1701 33rd St, Boulder, CO 80301, dial (303) 939-8502.


By Jon McNamara

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