Baton Rouge rental assistance.

Individuals and families who are struggling with paying their rent in the greater Baton Rouge Louisiana area can explore a number of eviction and homeless prevention programs. Several agencies, churches, and government organizations may be able to provide emergency funds for paying rent, security deposits, and other housing expenses. Find details on the programs below.

The emergency housing programs are available to applicants that qualify and are approved, with a focus on the indigent, families with children, and people who are in transition from dependence to independence. Self-sufficiency is one of the keys as the Baton Rouge organizations do not offer never ending financial assistance. Almost all of the rental assistance resources are short term in nature, and have defined time limits.

Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge can be reached at 927-9810. A great place for referrals and information on housing, rent assistance, and other local non-profits and charities.

HAART- HIV/AIDS Alliance for Region Two, Inc. runs programs that are for patients with HIV and/or AIDs. Shelter, transition housing, and other aid is provided. Even get information on health care, medications, and more. Telephone 927-1269

St. Anthony's Home (ISP) is an assisted living facility. The main phone number is 765-8917

The East Baton Rouge Parish branch of Volunteers of America can be reached at 922-3900 or call (225) 387-0061. The national charity organization known as Volunteers of America offers limited eviction prevention assistance and emergency help on a one time basis to those that qualify when funds are available. Since funds are limited, some applicants may be provided a loan as a form of rent help. If you would like more information on how to solve your housing needs, please contact them directly for details.

The American Legion Department of Louisiana (phone (225) 219-1945) runs the Temporary Financial Assistance Program. This cash assistance program is available to those that qualify and are approved. The National Office funds the programs, but applications are accepted locally here. All applicants are screened on a local or Post level.





Connections For Life is for women who are single and indigent and who are in transition from dependence to independence. They collaborate resources from a network of support services and non-profits. Shelter, transitional housing, and funds to pay a security deposit or referrals to first months rent programs may be available. (225) 379-3640

Baton Rouge Office of Community Development can be contacted at (225) 389-3039. This office ran the homeless prevention program for the federal government. Stimulus dollars and grants were offered to tenants to help them pay rent, moving costs, utilities, and more. In addition some vouchers for local hotels or motels were offered, as well as services such as budgeting workshops and credit counseling. Department of Social Services Baton Rouge Office of Community Services was another organization that also ran this service for local residents. Their telephone number is (225) 3424583.

Cancer Services Of Greater Baton Rouge is located at 550 Lobdell Ave, Baton Rouge Louisiana United States, dial 225-927-2273. Financial assistance may be offered for cancer patients.

Baton Rouge Catholic Charities provides social services, case management and counseling. This is the local Catholic Charities agency providing social services throughout the parish. 1900 S Acadian Trwy, Baton Rouge Louisiana 70808, call 225-336-8700

St. Patrick Catholic Church (12424 Brogdon Lane phone: (225) 753-5750) as well as St. George Catholic Church (7808 St. George Dr. phone (225) 293-2212) can both be contacted. They do not take walk ins, and people need to call first. A number of housing and emergency services are offered in a limited fashion to the needy.

Salvation Army Social Services can help those with an eviction notice and can offer rent payment assistance. A number of other emergency services and resources are offered for the low income, seniors, and those facing poverty. 7361 Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge Louisiana 70805. Phone: 225-355-4483




Emergency Solution Grants, or ESG, from Capitol Area Alliance for the Homeless is an option. The agency is located at 153 N 17th St in Baton Rouge and can be called at 225-388-5800. They run the Homeless Prevention Rapid Rehousing Program for the East Parish region, and this is part of the grant program that can address housing or rental needs. It is a last resort for people with a sudden loss of income, individuals facing imminent eviction, and more. All other options need to have been explored before contacting this location.

Additional homeless prevention is also available in Baton Rogue Parish. Some stabilize the tenant (such as TBRA) and others provide emergency grants for rent, motel vouchers or utilities. Programs also focus on tenants with children, senior citizens, immigrants and single moms. they and others can apply for rent help. Learn more.

Dr. Leo Butler Community Center, located at 950 E Washington St , may occasionally have funds for one time, emergency rental assistance available. In some cases zero percent interest loans may be offered for a partial rent payment. call 225-389-4860 for intake.

Office of Social Services can assist with mortgage or rent payments. A focus is on seniors, the disabled, and indigent in Baton Rouge Parish. 225-358-4561.

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Inc. offers free legal aid and consultation to low income Baton Rogue families. Attorneys can coordinate free eviction defense, deal with utility terminations, and public benefits such as section 8 housing. Telephone - 855-512-3980.





Southeast Ministries Association Inc. provides Rent Payment Assistance, Food Pantry, Utility Assistance, City Bus Passes, and more. Location is 476 Sharp Rd, Baton Rouge Louisiana.


By Jon McNamara

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