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Free legal advice and lawyers in Louisiana.

Low income families and seniors in Louisiana can receive free legal advice, consultations and representation from non-profit law firms. Several organizations as well as free lawyers offer help for those who would otherwise not be able to pay for an attorney on their own. Only civil legal matters will be addressed and the organizations will not handle any criminal cases. Find a free lawyer in Louisiana below for advice.

Some of the types of cases that the law firms and pro-bono or volunteer attorneys in Louisiana may handle include the following. Get free advice on illegal unemployment or firings, eviction prevention, consumer debt issues, domestic law, predatory loans and mortgages. Or families can use the legal services in Louisiana for assistance with child custody disputes, tax problems, and much more. Any type of non-criminal matter may be addressed by lawyers in Louisiana.

Domestic issues, including free lawyers for family services

The firms want to ensure that victims of domestic violence receive the free legal help they deserve. Attorneys will also focus on helping with other family matters, such as addressing custody issues, preserving family connections, and other matters.

Depending on the pro-bono Louisiana law firm in question, attorneys can provide some or all of the following services. They can help people adopt children. Custody issues can be dealt with including assisting with getting custody of children and also enforcing court-ordered visitation rights.

Domestic violence issues are dealt with as attorneys will protect a client’s children from violence, abuse and neglect. They can also assist in filing a divorce, as well as handle small successions when an immediate family member dies.

Predatory loans and lenders

Free lawyers help borrowers with debt, loans, and collectors. When you borrow money from a dishonest, or so called predatory lender, you can become. Many consumers find themselves charged with excessive fees, higher interest rates than advertised, or some banks or lenders even try to convert credit card bills into secured debt. Many banks or fintech companies, including BNPL apps, also issued predatory home loans and mortgages. This is where having an attorney’s free advice and support can help.




It is a priority of the Louisiana attorneys to help low-income clients of all ages that are having trouble paying a personal or payday loan, or maybe they are struggling with their home mortgage. Veterans, single moms and borrowers facing bankruptcy can get help. If it is an emergency situation and you may be facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, be sure to communicate that.

Consumer Law Problems are also addressed. This includes helping clients cancel unfair sales or loans, or arrange re-payment plans. Lawyers can represent individuals in disputes over debt collection, or advise and help people file bankruptcy. Receive support when it comes to your home, and help when you are faced with losing your home from unfair or excessive debt or a foreclosure. Lawyers can also stop harassing debt collection practices that may be occurring from Louisiana based collection agencies.

Taxpayer issues, either federal government or state of Louisiana

Get free or low cost help in Louisiana with tax problems in a couple ways. Lawyers work with non-profits such as the National Technology Assistance Project and the Legal Aid Society to help people file them. Get consultations with income taxes, real estate or property taxes and other bills. Consumers can also get advice on the Earned Income Tax Credit. There is no cost for this information or to file taxes.

The law firms can also help Louisiana low-income taxpayers and seniors with conflicts or audits from the IRS. Get free legal assistance is dealing with an audit, tax court litigation, or collection matter. If you are a non-filer and have been contacted by the IRS you can get support too. Also the Louisiana firms can help with local or state tax controversies against the IRS or other government entities.

Elderly and senior citizen services

Free services are offered to the elderly on any civil legal problem. Both senior citizen specific questions are handled or everyday issues. Due to government grants, some firms may be able to serve the elderly regardless of their income.





Lawyers help senior citizens get benefits, such as Medicare or Representative payee programs. They assist with nursing home issues, help seniors avoid scams or abuse, and provide other free legal aid. Any issues a senior has a free lawyer can help with. Learn more on how to identify a scam.

Legal aid in Louisiana for unemployment or job-related problems

If you were questionably terminated, not paid correctly, or are harassed at the workplace, some or all of the following may be offered. Get help in filing for unemployment compensation after being fired or after having to quit when your former employer changes the conditions or terms of your job. They will also assist with ensuring you are paid minimum wage, money due to you after losing a job, or overtime pay.

Law firms in Louisiana can offer help when you are trying to get licenses needed to work. If you are discriminated against, get answers to your questions. An attorney can also assist workers and their families with filing for government benefits needed to survive during a job search.

Louisiana government benefits and housing legal assistance

Attorneys and free paralegals can help people facing eviction, foreclosure, or they also support currently homeless individuals in Louisiana. Lawyers can educate and represent tenants and homeowners in disputes with a landlord, a mortgage company, or housing authority. This includes getting your living conditions improved. The goal is to help people keep their homes or apartments. There is also free legal aid for stopping a utility disconnection, if it is unsafe..

If you think you are not getting everything you are due from government assistance, or were unfairly denied some type of benefit, then receive free representation on applying for public aid. Some of what they can help with include filing for Social Security disability/SSI; 'welfare' or FITAP; child care assistance; SNAP food stamps; unemployment compensation; and more.

Get answers to your questions and support in navigating the public benefit programs. If you were evicted and applied for Social Security, SSI or other benefits, and if you were denied, a firm can assist.

Other free legal services

Some of the following may be supported as well. Lawyers across Louisiana offer free in person or telephone consultations to low-income families.

  • Automobile, car and home repairs and improvements
  • Payday loan companies, high fees and credit problems
  • Nursing home care and senior abuse
  • Medicaid, hospital, and medical treatment
  • Divorces, adoptions, child custody, and child support
  • Illegal utility disconnections
  • Bankruptcy filing advice, including FAQ and representation
  • Assistance filing for unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare, SSI, Social Security, or VA benefits
  • Civil Rights, including legal assistance in Immigration, Naturalization, Mental Health, Rights of the Physically Disabled.





Louisiana free legal aid contacts

Call one or more of the following firms. If they can help you address your legal need, they may be able to refer you.

  • Acadiana Legal Service Corporation can be reached at (337) 237-4320, or call toll free (800) 256-1175
  • Legal Services of North Louisiana, Inc. toll free number is (800) 826-9265
  • Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Corporation, telephone (504) 529-1000. They cover New Orleans and the entire region. Read more on Southeast Louisiana Legal assistance programs.


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