Bakersfield Love Inc. social services.

Dozens of families are helped each month by Love Inc. of Bakersfield California. The center is part of a nationwide charity organization that is focused on assisting families that are considered working poor or less fortunate. Some more moderate income clients may also qualify for help. While Love does not provide direct or emergency aid, the volunteers who work at the organization will refer qualified individuals to local churches or other solutions in their region.

The services are offered year round, however the demand for help and number of people assisted tends to increase during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. During this time of year it may be that a couple hundred families receive some form of help each and every month.

What Love Inc. does is they coordinate the assistance programs offered by more than 100 churches across Kern County California. They operate a Clearinghouse that takes calls from the community. Then, if someone is qualified to receive some form of help, the volunteer will direct the individual to a local program. Most of the assistance is available as part of the Love Inc. ministry solution.

Not only will short term referrals be offered, but volunteers and staff will work with the client to address any deeper issues fueling the crisis. Love Inc. of Bakersfield will also need to determine what help the client has already received from non-profit agencies or charities. Also, after all of this is done, ongoing follow up will need to take place too with the beneficiary.




Clients will be referred to assistance. The request that is made by the caller will be referred to the most appropriate church or some other Kern County based faith-based organization. Note that all resources are very limited.

Many low to moderate income families even contact Love INC for referrals or advice. So the charity does not focus just on the poor or unemployed. As noted, the clearinghouse will still need to verify the claim of those who are requesting help.





Much more is provided too. As an example, numerous low to middle income families from the area also contact Love INC for help with financial problems, referrals to pantries, clothing closets, and other support services. They may learn about organizations that offer funds for their rent or learn about government benefits such as CalFresh.

While resources are limited, the main objective of the non-profit is to connect people who are struggling with multiple churches within the community so that needs do not go unmet. Volunteers from Love INC verify the information and coordinates resources on the local level. They will give them access to services and try not to turn anyone away from getting help.

Employment programs are always a focus in Kern County. If someone needs a new or better job, a volunteer can drive them to a job interview. Clothing closets will also have professional work attire available to the client. Other services from a local church can include help with getting a valid I.D., volunteers drop them off at the interview and then takes them home. There may even be bus tokens available for transportation while the person starts the job or maybe churches will coordinate basic repairs for a car.

Holiday assistance, especially around Christmas is available. Relying on donations from the community, Love Inc. may be able to give children information on toys, free gifts, and more. The entire family can get a hot meal, and seniors also may get home delivery.

Additional resources are available at Love INC of Kern County. Some of them may include the following. Personal items, such as toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, deodorant, laundry soap, free diapers, wet wipes, and toilet paper.

Transportation may be offered in the form of bus passes for work, or maybe a critical appointment. Rides or other aid may be available too in Bakersfield. For those that need other options, find places that provide free bus passes in addition to Love. Inc. in Kern County.




The furniture ministry from local churches may have gently used furniture. This may be tables, couches, mattresses, or even cribs for single, new moms.

For more information, or intake, Love Inc. of Kern County is based at 901 Sacramento St, Bakersfield, CA 93305. The main number is (661) 325-8838.


By Jon McNamara

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