Apartment Association Outreach assistance programs.

The counties of Hamilton in Ohio and northern Kentucky, including Kenton, is served by the Apartment Association Outreach Inc. The non-profit agency can help income qualified families with a number of needs. As funding allows, the organization can provide funds for paying rent, free food, scholarship programs, and help for seniors. The organization also works with a number of other agencies and resources in Cincinnati Ohio.

A rent assistance program is available and can help those facing a crisis. Apartment Association Outreach Inc. offers this service in partnership with other organizations including Welcome House in Covington Kentucky, the Freestore/Foodbank, CAIN and others. Emergency one time rent assistance may be paid out directly to a qualified applicants landlord, with a focus on preventing evictions. In the past funding has been provided to the unemployed, people facing unexpected medical bills, and others from the community.

Food is provided as well. This mostly involves the disbursement of free canned goods and other non-perishable food items across Hamilton County and Kentucky. The items will be collected through participating apartment communities and other donations and they are then taken to a local food pantry in the same area for distribution. So all of the resources contributed stay in the local area.

Similar to the rental programs, the food collections are held in partnership with other agencies. The non-profit works with LIFE (East Cincinnati), CAIN (in Northeast Cincinnati), and the Corpus Christi Food Pantry. Canned Food Drives are help throughout the year as well to raise items from the community, so please donate any groceries or other items to the Apartment Association Outreach Inc. That will allow them to help even more families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Free back packs of supplies such as snacks, clothes, or books are provided to needy kids and students. The outreach programs administered have provided backpacks to needy school children. Among other things, the program serves the Santa Maria Community, Cincinnati area, and Saint Joseph’s orphanage. Hundreds of children may receive backpacks and in total thousands of items are passed out to them.





Each child will generally receive a clear backpack with all the requested supplies and other goods that they need. Many of these children are from low income families or poverty and they did not even have paper or pencils. So the students appreciate the supplies, books, and other goods. Find a listing of other free school supply programs.

The non-profit outreach group tries to support families in Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing, school children in Covington and Newport  public housing as well as West Clermont Elementary schools. They also provide backpacks to the St Joseph Orphanage and other local social service agencies.

Parents who are going back to work can get supplies too. This will depend on donation levels and what the non-profit has to give. There may also be books on everything from budgeting to saving, investing, and building financial literacy. They are free to low income families. Find a list of books for low income about money.

Other emergency assistance and outreach programs provided by Apartment Association Outreach Inc. include housing assistance, filling empty food pantries, information on shelters, providing replacement furniture to fire and flood victims or providing free box fans to seniors and the sick on very hot summer days.

Help is also offered for seniors. The outreach agency in Kenton and Hamilton County serves lunch to seniors and provides them music, entertainment, and other activities. This gives them many things, including hope and encouragement during what is often lonely years.

Students can also look into the Scholarship Programs. They are offered to needy, low income but deserving students. This will be a small program, and it may be just one annual scholarship that is given to a student enrolled in the property management certification program at Cincinnati State. Some additional scholarships may be provided to individuals in the multifamily housing industry. Individuals will need to apply for the Apartment Association Outreach Inc. scholarships with a recommendation of their supervisor and they need to meet other standards as well.




The Apartment Associate also offers referrals to national grant and scholarship programs. These can help low income students, minorities, and others get the education they need. Find how to get free scholarships.

While like every program funding will vary, but in general the scholarship money is for post-secondary school of their choice. It may also cover any lab costs, books, or other fees that are not paid for by loans or grants.

To donate, learn more, or apply, call the Apartment Association Outreach Inc. at 859.581.5990.


By Jon McNamara

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