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Salvation Army assistance programs in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County..

A number of programs are offered directly by the Albuquerque area Salvation Army, and the agency can refer individuals to additional resources in Bernalillo County. The emergency assistance programs, whether for rent, food, or free holiday help (Christmas toys or meals), give priority to the working poor, low income families with children, and seniors who are in a crisis. There are also free back to school supply programs, Summer Camp programs, as well as help for immigrants, whether documented or not. Examples of some of the services administered are below.

Financial help from Bernalillo County Salvation Army

Housing, including utility bills, rent, and mortgages. Some very limited amounts of support is offered that can provide financial assistance with paying past due rent and mortgages. A focus is on stopping evictions in Albuquerque New Mexico, and preventing families from becoming homeless.

Mediation is also provided. The Salvation Army works as a liaison between families and their landlords to ensure sustainable housing for those most vulnerable. So someone will try to mediate a solution to your personal housing crisis, or imminent eviction. They will work to attain reasonable payment terms for your housing expenses and monthly rent.

Someone may be considered homeless as well if they have no power to their home. So the Salvation Army can support these individuals too. The non-profit offers financial assistance and cash grants for helping to pay past due utility bills and disconnects. Case workers can also direct clients to government programs, both at the federal and state of New Mexico level. Or find details on utility bill help in New Mexico.

Low income housing is administered, and is located in Albuquerque New Mexico. The apartment-style residence has a total of 52 units, and individuals who live there will need to pay only at most 30% of their total household income towards rent.





Most of the apartments and housing was built right next to a Salvation Army community center, and the locations can provide residents easy-access to the social and spiritual events hosted at the community centers. One of the main housing units is known as Silvercrests, and a number of services and programs are offered for residents. There are also local homeless shelters.

The number of requests made to the Salvation Army in Albuquerque is high, so only a small number of qualified people may receive financial aid. In general, about 40 families may receive some form of financial help per month, and many others (hundreds per month) may be referred elsewhere and advised to apply for other emergency assistance.

Basic needs from Salvation Army

Non-monetary assistance is offered too. This can include emergency clothing, free food, hot meals from a soup kitchen and items like bus passes so someone can get to a doctor appointment or job interview. Meals and food can even be delivered to seniors and others who may be homebound. Find a list of food pantries in Bernalillo County.





Many people call the Albuquerque Salvation Army centers for referrals. Case managers and social workers can refer families and individuals to other community agencies, non-profits, churches and government programs. These other organizations may be able to provide additional services and/or financial aid to help maintain economic stability in the community.

Additional social services provided can include helping families who are homeless work out living arrangements to get back on their feet and resettled. Or the Salvation Help immigrants, including those from Mexico, in Albuquerque, get settled. The agency will strive to improve the conditions in which these families live and help turn their lives around.

Programs may be able to help to ensure that low income individuals and families in need are able to stay safe and warm inside their apartments or homes. There may be furniture or seasonal air conditioning programs. Many of the Albuquerque New Mexico locations also provide general guidance and assistance to tenants. This can include referrals to the tenant hotline and other agencies to address looming tenant/landlord issues and may also include information on rental assistance and upcoming evictions.

Free holiday Assistance is provided too by the Bernalillo County Salvation Army. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, the Albuquerque Salvation Army provides free Toys for Children, Thanksgiving Day Meals, and Food or Groceries for Families. There is also holiday help for seniors, people living in a nursing home, the Home Bound & Nursing Home Visitation services.

Summer programs are offered by the Salvation Army. The main one is to give out free back to school supplies including backpacks, tablets, shoes, pens, pencils, and even clothes. There is help for Spanish speaking students, those from low income or single parent households, and anyone in need. They also feed students during the summer and operate low cost summer camps for kids. Or give after school care.

Address of Salvation Army centers in Albuquerque New Mexico region

Find all of the Bernalillo County Salvation Army centers below. Some have thrift stores or soup kitchens, others provide financial help for bills or rent, case management, and more. They all give referrals as well as some type of social services.




  • 6821 Academy Parkway West NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, dial 505-761-9818
  • 4301 Bryn Mawr Drive, NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, phone number 505-881-4292
  • 501 Broadway Blvd S.E., Albuquerque, NM, call 505-247-2462
  • 411 Broadway Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM, main number is 505-765-5395
  • 4501 Silver Street SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, call 505-254-1778


By Jon McNamara

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