Alameda County and Oakland eviction prevention programs.

Multiple social service agencies in the City of Oakland and surrounding county work to prevent evictions. There are support services for tenants that are in a short term crisis as well as assistance for the long term homeless. Using HUD funding as well as grants from ESG, various programs are available to both stop evictions and rehouse families as needed.

The primary programs that operate in the area are noted below. With the continued increase in housing prices in the county and landlords rapidly increasing rental costs, too many residents continue to be threatened with an eviction. This Alameda County resources may be able to assist.

The local Homelessness/Eviction Prevention Programs are for individuals in a crisis only. This is a targeted service that is intended to keep a family living in their current home or apartment. There are several possible forms of support available for stopping an eviction from occurring, and they may be as follows.

  • Staff may try to mediate a solution with the landlord, such as a payment plan for any rent arrears that is due.
  • Attorneys from the Oakland California area who volunteer their time will review the terms of the lease. Legal assistance will be used to resolve any non-monetary causes of the eviction, such as tenant disturbances or damage to the property.
  • When out of options, money from the federal program known as ESG (Emergency Solutions Grants) can help pay rent that is due to the landlord.

The homeless can seek assistance from Rapid Re-Housing Programs. These are available in all cities, including Oakland, Piedmont, Albany, Newark, and Emeryville among others. There may also be housing available in the Unincorporated parts of Alameda County, such as the towns of Dublin and Albany. During the winter months, the Winter Relief service is an option for the recently evicted.

One key part of this service will refer the homeless to support services. This is done as first and foremost, the applicant needs to overcome the barriers that are preventing them from becoming stable in a home. The issues that caused them to be evicted in the past need to be identified and deal with. Once those barriers have been dealt with, then the Alameda County rehousing process can continue.




The agencies that are part of this service will first offer move-in assistance, which ranges from motel vouchers to ESG grants for a security deposit/first month's rent. Any type of financial help is only for a property that has been screened as part of this process. It needs to be affordable as well as safe to live in for the family.

The program will also provide the tenant with connections to non-profit as well as government mainstream resources to help them maintain stability. Some of these organizations in Abode Services, Building Futures with Women and Children, and FESCO among others. Those Oakland residents with an eviction in their credit reports will be assigned to a counselor to help them repair their ratings. If they need employment, then job preparation and placement services are arranged. Other support is offered as needed.

Oakland California residents on probation, or that were released from jail, can seek support as part of Realignment Housing. This offers many of the eviction assistance programs above and is run in partnership with the Criminal Justice Realignment Division as well as Probation Deputies. This will help ex-offenders both find a home to live in and keep up with the rent payments due.

Anyone that is Alameda County that is facing eviction, has a notice from their landlord, or is homeless can call the toll free number of 888-886-9660 for information.



By Jon McNamara

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