Alameda County Oakland Community Action Partnership assistance programs.

Resources and services from the Oakland Community Action Partnership - Alameda County (AC-OCAP) is for low income and working poor residents with children, young adults, the disabled, seniors, and others. Assistance programs are available in the areas of housing, education, food and nutrition, utilities, as well as programs for seniors and adults with disabilities. All services available are holistic and are arranged to help the whole person. The resources are not offered directly by the non-profit community action agency, but they are rather provided by partners of the agency. Call 888-886-9660 for referrals.

Working with parents, clients, staff, and community partners, they are strongly committed to improving the safety, health, financial conditions and quality of life for Oakland California’s children and youth. There are numerous Family Service programs that support families, foster early childhood education and development, and help with young children's readiness for school. The approach taken by AC-OCAP integrates a number of services. The organization will address nutrition, health, early literacy, parenting education, adult literacy, and mental health services for low-income families and their children.

Education for children is part of Early Head Start, which is a key family service along with Head Start. The Alameda County California Early Head Start Program serves children from birth to three years of age that come from low income families. Assistance is also for their parents.

Early Head Start provides education along with a range of other nutrition, health, parenting education, and mental health services. The non-profit will also focus on offering positive parenting skills and prenatal services. Children who take part in the program will almost always show gains in education skills, cognitive and language development. They will also usually experience improved social and emotional skills.

The Head Start Program is similar to above in many aspects, and it too promotes school readiness for three- to five-year-old children. The Community Action Partnership program provides activities that foster children’s cognitive (language, reading and math) skills, social, emotional, educational and that nurture physical health. Almost 20 locations throughout the City of Oakland run either full or half-day programs.

Summer Food Service Program is paid for by the state and the federal government. The free Summer Lunch Program helps students and children in Alameda County and Oakland get the nutrition they need to learn and grow throughout the summer. It will also make them better prepared to start another school year. The Summer Lunch Program uses government grants to provide free meals, snacks, and support. It will encourage healthy eating habits of students and children.




The Homeless and Hungry program coordinates food for hot meal programs; distributes free brown bag meals; serves lunches, and also sponsors special events each year. Examples of what are available from the agency and volunteers in the county include Project Homeless Connect as well as the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Special Christmas meals and gifts may be passed out too.

Housing, rent, and security deposit assistance from Alameda County Oakland Community Action Partnership is available. This includes a wide array of programs that provide housing and support services to people in Oakland who are living on extremely low incomes, homeless, hungry, and even HIV/AIDS positive. Some of the AC-OCAP programs include Rental Assistance, Emergency Housing, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS, Winter Relief, Emergency Winter Shelter, Homeless Mobile Outreach, and referrals.

Community Housing Services Department is well aware of the tremendous need for services specific to the very low income, unemployed and homeless population in the area. They partner with churches, non-profit organizations, and charities to assist the recently evicted, homeless and near-homeless community. AC-OCAP offers homeless prevention / rent help, rapid re-housing, shelter, permanent supportive housing, and transitional/supportive housing. In addition to that, the community action agency also offers homeless support services such as domestic violence programs, free food, employment, physical and mental health, drug abuse counseling, and information on government benefits.

Community Action Partnership can also provide information on and referrals to many helpful programs. Some are run by other organizations such as the Salvation Army. Services are available such as the Homeless Mobile Outreach Program (HMOP), information on section 8, Homeless Prevention and Rehousing Program, Emergency Shelter, Transition/Supportive Housing, and housing units dedicated for special needs populations in northern California.





The City of Oakland Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program provides direct financial assistance and social services to prevent evictions and homelessness in the community. Case managers will also work to rapidly rehouse persons who have experienced episodes of homelessness. If you are facing eviction and/or are in need of housing, you will work with a case manager that is part of HPRP to determine your level of need. The Eden Information and Referral line can also be contacted. What may be available in Alameda County is the following.

  • Hotel/motel vouchers, emergency housing and homeless shelters provide temporary lodging.
  • Transitional housing units and apartments will be offered along with case management and social support services. For those that qualify, they may receive help for up to 2 years. These Alameda County Oakland Community Action Partnership transitional housing programs are designed to help families that are experiencing episodes of homelessness to become self-sufficient and more importantly to transition to permanent, independent living.
  • AIDs/Special Needs Housing facilities are for the disabled and sick and others. Another focus is on those residents with HIV/AIDS and their families.
  • The AC-OCAP Homeless Mobile Outreach Program is the name for humanitarian and survival assistance given to the homeless. Staff and volunteers help them get support through case management, health, housing, employment and income assistance. The goal is to encourage and help individuals find permanent, low income housing in the community.




MSSP - Multipurpose Senior Services Program helps the elderly and seniors to continue living safely and independently in their own apartments or homes. Each client will be assigned a social worker and/or nurse that will assess the applicants needs and provide ongoing care management.

Other services from Community Action Partnership include:

  • Earned Income Tax Credit and VITA Free Tax Assistance - Oakland’s low-income and senior residents can receive free tax assistance and preparation from highly trained staff. The numerous VITA sites are federally certified and are located throughout the Oakland community.
  • Referrals and information on free/low cost health care in the county, in addition to Medi-Cal.
  • Credit counseling, budgeting, and financial education workshops.

The Alameda County Oakland Community Action Partnership / AC-OCAP is located at 150 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, California 94612-2019. Call 888-886-9660 for referrals to services.


By Jon McNamara

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