Alamance County assistance programs

Emergency assistannce, financial counseling, and other support

Homelessness in Alamance County is a growing problem. There has been a 660 percent increase in foreclosures since 1993, which has lead to families being on the streets. Also, there were about 150 children in the Alamance-Burlington school system who were homeless last year, which is a tragic number. And homeless numbers tend to be under reported. One of the leading agencies to call is Alamance County Community Services Agency, Inc. They offer the resources below.

Emergency Food Assistance - This program can provide up to a 3 day supply of food and groceries to those who have no other source of food. It is for families in a crisis, with no other means. Support can be for the unemployed, families waiting on food stamps, and those in general who are truly struggling. Congregate Nutrition Services is another resource, and it can provide seniors and elderly with a free meal.

Wheels to Work can offer working families with a roadworthy car. Applicants need to have shown the commitment and ability to get and retain a job, and this care can help them get the transportation they need. Clients must have a recent employment history, good riving record, and no other car in their name. Read more on free cars.

Self-sufficiency will help families deal with a crisis. Services include budget management, food, transportation, medical and dental care, housing, employment, and child care. Most advice is free to Alamance County families. In some cases, the community service agency will help clients apply for no interest loans or other non-profit programs, and the funds can be used for addressing the emergency.

Housing Services - Locate subsidized rent and HUD housing, get information on section 8, and other aid. Additional counseling, including for back rent due and housing, can help low to moderate income families. Learn about foreclosure prevention, emergency rental assistance, and homeless prevention services. Also, homeless clients in Alamance County can also get referrals to security deposit programs.

Energy Bill Crisis Assistance Program can provide one time grants for paying utilities when someone is faced with a crisis. Energy conservation, LIHEAP, and weatherization programs are also all offered to low income and working poor families. HARRP is an option, and it can repair or replace a heating or cooling unit. Weatherization can help reduce heat loss in a home, and make the home more efficient.





The Alamance County Community Services Agency, Inc. is located at 1946 Martin Street in Burlington, North Carolina 27216-0038. Telephone number is (336) 229-7031. Case managers will offer support to those that are struggling. Find more on financial aid from Alamance community action.

General assistance programs

Funds are flowing to the county. The federal government is providing over $120,000 in funds that will be used to benefit local emergency shelter, food and energy bill programs that operate in Alamance County.

The money flowing to the county is intended to help charities, non-profits, and other agencies that help people with offering them rent assistance, grants for utility bills, and free food. The federal government money is meant to keep people from being evicted, homeless or losing their homes. Click here to find other ways to get rent help.

Some of the organizations that have accepted applications and distributed the aid in the past include Allied Churches of Alamance County ((336) 229-0881), Meals on Wheels and also Alamance County Community Services (336) 229-7031) have applied for funds and helped people in previous years.

In general, about half half of the money will be used to fund  rent-assistance programs because there are very few available funds in the county to help with rent. After that, it is planned that the balance of the money will be equally divided percentage wise between providing utility bill assistance and also food and general funds for shelter expenses.

The local branch of the Salvation Army is another destination to call or stop by at for help. It is located in Burlington, but services the entire region. Phone number (336) 227-5529. This non-profit agency provides cash assistance and other forms of help with bills and expenses to local individuals and families. In addition, they also provide coats for children and fans for the elderly. Last but not least, the Salvation Army agency also provides disaster relief services when needed. Read more on programs.

Alamance County Department of Social Services (phone (336) 570-6532), which is located in Burlington NC, administers child support services, food stamps, child welfare services, medicaid, rent assistance, services for adults, work first family assistance, aid for fuel bills and utility expenses, and medicine (one time service) as funds are available.

The local community action agency is the Alamance County Community Services Agency. Programs offered include housing services, food and meals, weatherization, first time home ownership program, heating appliance/repair or replacement, housing counseling, wheels-to-work program, car repairs, utility assistance (light bills) and rent/mortgage financial assistance. Call (336) 229-7031.





Christian Assistance Network, of 206 N Fisher Street Burlington (phone (336) 229-0881) offers cash assistance to those in need of help with paying their utility bills, heating fuel, and they can also distribute prescription medication vouchers.

Free food is distributed by Loaves & Fishes Christian Food Ministry. Qualified families can get groceries up to once every 30 days. Call (336) 570-4668.

Mebane NC Loaves & Fishes provides food and groceries at most once every 30 days. Call (919) 304-1240.

Foreclosure and mortgage counseling and prevention in Alamance County

Another service offered by the Alamance County Community Services Agency, Inc. (phone number above) is a foreclosure counseling and prevention program. The agency employes a team of well training housing counselors who will review your situation and recommend solutions. They may even work directly with your lender or bank.

Another agency that can help Alamance County people with housing and mortgage problems is the Consumer Credit Counseling Service. This agency is also located in Burlington NC, and they have HUD approved housing counselors. They can work directly with your lender, provide information on mortgage programs, including North Carolina foreclosure mediation services. Call them at (336) 226-4175.

Energy bill assistance

People who are facing a disconnection of their utility or heating service may be eligible to receive a one time cash grant from this federal government funded program. The funds are intended to help stop or prevent a crisis by qualified individuals. Call the Alamance County Community Services Agency, Inc. at (336) 229-7031 to apply for energy bill help or learn more.

Burlington Salvation Army can provide emergency financial assistance to qualified customers who are faced with a disconnection. Funds can be used for paying electric or heating bills. While funding is limited and it usually provided as a small dollar amount, the agency will do their best to help. More assistance from Alamance Salvation Army.

Medications and prescription drugs

Contact the Burlington North Carolina based ALAMAP of ARMC. This non-profit will help low income and other individuals with obtaining life sustaining medications. (336) 538-8440.




Free debt reduction services and assistance

Call the Alamance Consumer Credit Counseling Service. This non-profit agency provides free debt help as well as credit counseling services, budgeting advice, information on credit card hardship programs, and repayment services to any individual or family who needs help with credit card debts, medical bills, or other obligations. (336) 226-4175, or learn more on debt and forbearance programs.

Resources for health and medical care

The two locations listed below are just two examples of dental and health clinics in the Alamance County and Burlington North Carolina. Click here for additional locations and facilities.

Stop by the Open Door Clinic, which provides discounted and / or free high quality healthcare to the indigent, low income and working poor of Alamance County North Carolina. Call them at (336) 570-9800 to make an appointment or lean more.

If you need dental care, a free adult dental clinic is offered two times per year by a site in Graham North Carolina. Call (336) 376-1306.

Community Health Center, Charles Drew is a clinic that may offer variable billing rates. Full primary health care services are offered to patients from birth to geriatrics, physical exams, minor surgery, laboratory work, cardiac stress tests, EKG, immunizations, and hospital care. 221 N Graham-Hopedale Rd, Burlington, North Carolina 27217, call (336) 570-3739


By Jon McNamara

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