Assistance from WHEAT Community Services.

The programs listed below are some of what WHEAT Community Services may provide. Generally, the charity organization is involved in providing resources that focus on shelter, food, and basic medical issues. The tools used in these cases may be groceries from a food pantry or some families in Worcester County may receive emergency rent or utility bill help. Also, the charity has a thrift store on site that may offer everything from furniture to clothing.

WHEAT Community Services thrift store is open to the public. There are no income restrictions. Low income families seeking gently used goods can shop there, or a household with a significant income but that may be seeking savings can also stop by. A wide variety of items may be sold.

  • Clothing items, which may be seasonal. Such as heavier winter coats or sandals during the summer.
  • Christmas toys, games, and small presents.
  • Household furniture, such as beds, cribs for new parents, and other items.

Those are just some examples of what is available. The thrift store in Worcester County has an ever changing assortment of goods. Also, the money spent there will be recycled back into the other programs run by WHEAT.

The WHEAT Community Services Hunger Prevention Program operates several resources and services that help Worcester County residents who don’t have enough to eat. This is available for both long term needs (such as applications to SNAP food stamps) or short term, emergency needs (including pantries).

The staff will offer the distribution of brown bag meals and coordinating food for hot meal programs. The agency also sponsors a number of special events on an annual basis, including the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in Worcester and Project Homeless Connect. These events are funded almost entirely through donations from the community and also volunteer efforts coordinated by the staff.

The WHEAT holiday meal program for Easter and Thanksgiving offers working poor clients the opportunity to receive a gift card for the meat of their choice. There may be help in acquiring vegetables, canned goods and a box of food specifically designed for Easter and Thanksgiving holiday meals.




WHEAT Community Services for Homeless Families include emergency shelter and transitional housing, as well as support services that assist with obtaining and keeping a new, long term permanent home. There are also seasonal services as well. For example, during the coldest months of the year (November through February), the Winter Shelter Program in Worcester County offers additional emergency housing options for individuals or families in need.

Using funding from various sources, the Prescription Assistance Program helps low-income Worcester County residents with obtaining needed prescription drugs or life saving medications. In most cases a voucher is used to help pay for a portion of this expense that is not paid for by insurance.

Emergency assistance, including some limited cash or referrals to government grants, are provided on site. While this is not a focus of the agency, this can incorporate some or all of the following.

  • ESG is a federal grant programs for housing expenses such as rent, utility, or heating bills.
  • WHEAT Services will offer support for job related expenses, such as a bus pass in Worcester.
  • Food for children, seniors, and the vulnerable is available.
  • Vouchers are used in some cases for everything from gasoline to medications or low income housing.
  • Counseling to prevent homelessness, so this is for both rent arrears or mortgage payments.

WHEAT Community Services helps victims of domestic violence too. The Family Violence Center helps clients locate safe places to stay and offers resource. The goal is to get them in contact with support and services that help them make new beginnings.

The program offers assistance through its main office as well as hotline. The assistance ranges from counseling, access to emergency food and shelter, clothing, medical assistance, community outreach, information, transportation, referrals to battering intervention programs, free legal referrals, and accompaniment to court.

The primary location, which includes the food pantry, is at 500 Main Street, Clinton, Massachusetts, 01510. The phone number is 978-365-6349.



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