Housing and other programs from Volunteers of America-Florida.

Several programs are administered by Volunteers of America and their Florida branch. They operate across the state, and the charity organization works with those that are less fortunate. The programs include transitional and permanent, low income housing for those facing eviction and the currently homeless. They also work with medical providers and offer employment services. However, a main focus is on homeless prevention and rehousing.

The organization operates across the nation, and in most Florida communities. While they own some of their own, low income housing facilities and apartments, they also have partnerships with a wide network of other non-profit community-based resources. So VOA in Florida has referrals to programs that may help with paying rent for people facing evictions. Or the currently homeless can learn about charities that may provide funds to pay a security deposit or that help with moving costs. They serve seniors, veterans experiencing homelessness, the working poor, and disabled among others.

Maybe the main program offered is known as Housing Services to Support Independence. It includes comprehensive case management and other resources. A representative from Volunteers of America offers clients a plan to move vulnerable Floridians to self-sufficiency.

The low income housing programs and related services address the need for the homeless, seniors or income eligible persons to have housing stability. The non-profit charity offers programs where individuals from many Florida cities have a place called home and the opportunity to achieve their life goals.

Clients will partner with a team of case managers, including those focused on offering job training, education, behavioral health care and employment. Together they work to address the root cause of the hardship.

The Transitional or supportive sites that are part of this are located across Florida. They are in Fort Lauderdale, Lake City, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Lakeland, Sebring, and Pompano Beach, among other units.

While the details and exact type of housing available will vary, additional low income VOA Florida apartments or homes are also located in Clearwater, Gainesville, Greater Fort Lauderdale, Hialeah, Orlando, Punta Gorda, Sweetwater, and Tallahassee.




Volunteers of America-Florida also focuses on Education, Job Training and Employment Services. This is key to regaining independence and self-sufficiency. There are several different programs administered by the non-profit. They work with the Department of Education on many of these programs.

  • Architectural Finishes is more of a training and skills upgrade program. It gives students an opportunity to upgrade their skillset so that they can qualify for higher level employment. Applicants need to already have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • VOA Life-long Learning Centers is for general education, and there are locations in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Cocoa Florida.
  • Ticket to Work and Vocational Rehabilitation Program is for those with a disability. The program can help them secure employment and an income.
  • The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program offers training, job readiness and placement as well as follow-up services. Unemployed or underemployed veterans in Florida can participate in job searches and also receive supportive services from staff. There is classroom and also on the job components to it.

Veterans are also a focus of Volunteers of America. They help those facing homelessness. There are transitional housing units or shelters available for them. They may receive meals, access to job training, and case management, among other services. They work in close partnership with organizations such as United States Department of Veterans Affairs and can help them apply for benefits and other financial aid. Housing sites are based in Key West, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Lake City, Cocoa, Tampa, Jacksonville, Punta Gorda, and Miami Dade County.

Not only can the former military member get help from Volunteers of America of Florida, but solutions are also in place for their families. The organization will make sure that veterans connect to the federal government and state benefits they are entitled to. This includes financial support and much more, such as case management.

Employment is also a key focus for those who served our country. This will be intake and ideally placement with a local employer. Other career counseling and employment services include help with resume preparation, job interview classes, professional clothing and transportation to a job or interview. A veteran finding work is an important part of building back confidence.




While there are sites and housing units located across the state, the main Volunteers of America Florida office is at 405 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701-3866. Dial (727) 369 8500 for more information or referrals.


By Jon McNamara

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