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CenterPoint Energy assistance programs in Indiana

Low-income families, seniors, the disabled and people facing disconnection can get help with CenterPoint Energy bills. The company provides programs ranging from payment plans to budgeting billing, grant money to pay electric or gas bills and more, including emergency help. Find how to get help with CenterPoint Energy utility bills.

CenterPoint Energy, formerly known as Vectren in Indiana, works closely with non-profits in Indiana, local community action agencies, and various government agencies. Together they provide customers with a wide range of immediate utility and energy bill help. An extensive array of services and financial assistance programs are offered for low income families. Not only may they help a customer pay their bill, but many free conservation measures are also available in Indiana, including weatherization.

CenterPoint Energy low-income government assistance

Community action agencies across Indiana run the state and federal government LIHEAP, or Energy Assistance Program (EAP) as it is known in Indiana. This can provide free government cash grants to income eligible customers. The program is open to enrollment a couple times per year.

Customers who enroll in EAP above will also automatically be signed up for the Universal Service Program. USP is another assistance program that will provide a monthly discount on residential gas bills during the winter heating season, and it is targeted at low income families, single parents and individuals across Indiana.

  • Most energy providers in the state of Indiana are required by state law and regulations to offer it, including CenterPoint Energy - Vectren. It is run in partnership between the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, local non-profits, as well as the state’s Office of Utility Consumer Counselor. Read more on state utility regulations.

The monthly discounts begin for Vectren customers with their December gas or electric bills. It is a temporary solution and the savings will continue until the end of May. Many customers who sign up for the Indiana Energy Assistance Program as well as USP also qualify for weatherization, which is the nation’s leading conservation program.




Help with bills in Indiana from CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy - Vectren Payment Extensions are offered in certain cases. The utility company wants to work with all electric and gas customers to prevent their service from being shut off. All potential solutions will be explored by the company. This can include utility forgiveness or abatements from CenterPoint Energy for low income people in Indiana as well.

One of the tools available are special one-time payment extensions, and certain qualified customers will be offered this option. The due date of your monthly bill may also be extended on an ongoing basis. Please keep in mind that all payment extensions or arrangements are not permanent and are intended to just provide short term relief. Customers can sign up online, or call the energy company to speak to a customer service representative.

Share the Warmth is also organized and administered by community action agencies. Public donations fund the program. Using the money from these contributions, assistance is provided to help pay for and provide more customers access to the Indiana Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program. The type and amount of energy conservation services will vary with each CenterPoint Energy (Vectren) customer, depending on the condition of their home and their exact needs. Call or stop by a community action agency in your town or county to apply.

Save money on the Summer Cycler program. This is a voluntary so called energy management program that can help families save money on their bills. It will cycle select appliances in your home for a very short period of time. This will occur only during periods of peak electricity demand. Customers can save up to $30 per month on their energy bills during the summer from this program. Most people say there is very little or no impact to their lifestyle. The savings from the cycler can really add up over time.

CenterPoint Energy will provide customers in Indiana with up to a $2 credit for each electric water heater as well as a $5 credit for each electric air conditioning unit. This is in addition to the savings indicated above. Customers that are interested will need to enroll an air conditioning unit or water heater in the Summer Cycler program to be eligible for credits on their monthly bills.





Levelized or CenterPoint Energy Budget Billing is available, and it can spread your electric or gas bill payments evenly over 12 months. Enrolled households will never worry about fluctuating bills. So customers can better manage their expenses during the spikes that could otherwise occur during the winter heating or summer cooling season.

Contact for CenterPoint Energy

It is always recommended that Indiana customers call CenterPoint Energy (Vectren) customer service to explore their option. Some of the more common ones include payment and saving plans, however there are others including EAP grant money and more. Call CenterPoint Energy in Indiana at 800-227-1376 to sign up for a payment plan or for more information on financial assistance programs.


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