Salvation Army in Vanderburgh and Warren County.

The resources from the Salvation Army in Vanderburgh County are limited. The faith based charity also covers nearby Warren County as well as the city of Evansville in Indiana. They focus on food as well as seasonal assistance, such as Christmas and holiday help. Much less common will be direct financial aid for certain bills or rental expenses.

While the programs are limited in scope and funding, the case managers can always be a source of referrals. So while only a fraction of families seeking help may receive it, they may learn about other local or even government programs that can offer financial help.

For those looking for a meal or some form of free food, the Evansville branch of the Salvation Army has a daily feeding program. There are often hundreds of people using this service each month. They range from families living in poverty to the unemployed or homeless. The hot meals are available for anyone who needs one, and questions are not asked.

A food pantry can also help in a crisis. Qualified clients can select just what they need. Whether it is a box of groceries, fruits, baby formula, or dairy items, that and more may be provided. The Vanderburgh County center may also have non-food items, meaning cleaning supplies for a home or free personal hygiene items.

But the food and other assistance programs are also seasonal in nature. The Salvation Army for Warren and Vanderburgh County can help during the major holidays. Using volunteers and donations, the following may be offered.

  • Christmas meals and food baskets. Children from low income families can sign up for toys and gifts from Adopt a Family.
  • The Vanderburgh County site can provide Turkey meals at Thanksgiving as well as all the key toppings/side dishes.
  • During the summer and early fall months, students from low income households may be given supplies for the new school year.

The Evansville Salvation Corps Center also works to help both the homeless and people facing it. There is a focus on children, veterans in the region as well as abused women. The first goal is to find a safe place for them to stay in Vanderburgh County.




The lodgings may be in a shelter or transitional housing center. No matter the location, the guest will receive counseling. In addition the case managers want the homeless individual to regain stability. This is when the Salvation Army job training come in, as well as more practical support such as medical assistance. Other support for them includes free use of telephones, laundry, showers, mail delivery, and a computer to use.

The emergency assistance is part of their social service programs. All of the aid is focused on tacking barriers that prevent people from changing their lives for the better. In addition, any money for their financial aid programs is very limited and paid out at the discretion of the Evansville office. There are no obligations to assist.

For those that show the ability to pay their future living expenses, the Salvation Army may have funds for paying housing expenses such as rent or a security deposit for a more affordable home. If the lack of utility service cold lead to homelessness, then assistance may be for heating, electric, or water bills. The Vanderburgh County faith based charity will offer this financial support in some cases.

No matter the type of assistance that someone is seeking, they need to come prepared. The support offered by the charity, in particular help for rental costs and similar bills, is also generally for a one time short term crisis. When seeking any help, some or all of the following may be needed.

  • A current picture ID for all adults in the home.
  • Proof of income and expenses, including copies of leases, utility bills, etc.
  • Proof of employment showing the ability to be self-sufficiency.
  • Other documentation may be needed too.

The Salvation Army in Vanderburgh County supports the needs of the less fortunate. The programs above are only some examples of what may be provided. For more information on services, the office is at 1040 N. Fulton, Evansville, Indiana, 47724. The phone number is (812) 425-1375.



By Jon McNamara

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