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Urban League of Kansas assistance programs.

Services available from the Urban League of Kansas can assist with a number of needs. The non-profit offers foreclosure counseling, can help tenants that are faced with eviction, and provides case management. This can include both education and employment type services.

Housing programs, including rent and mortgage assistance

ULK housing counselors are certified by the federal government Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). They are trained to help individuals or low income families that are experiencing difficulty in paying their monthly rent. Assistance is also available for families in Kansas that are facing imminent eviction due to nonpayment.

Counselors from the non-profit work with clients to explore potential options for preventing eviction. This can include applying for any government grants that can be used towards a partial rent payment. In addition to that, they provide advice and advocacy services. Counseling is available for dealing directly with property managers or landlords on the tenants’ behalf.

This type of third-party advocacy from the Urban League is often instrumental in resolving the issues over any type of unpaid bills, including rent. Referrals to other agencies for financial assistance are also available for those who qualify. If you have an eviction notice, prompt action is advised in order to avoid any late fee.

Landlord and tenant counseling from ULK helps clients resolve disputes and settle issues. For those tenants that feel they have been treated unfairly in a landlord/tenant situation, the counselors from the Urban League will advise individuals about their legal rights and responsibilities. Among other things, they explore the possibility of legal recourse or offer referrals to pro-bono layers that can help with evictions.

Potential renters looking for affordable, low income housing in Kansas, including Wichita and Kansas City, are encouraged to call and schedule an appointment for pre-rental counseling. Services are offered by a Certified ULK Housing Counselor. Find more details on legal eviction help for tenants.




During this one-on-one encounter, the counselor offers intake, makes a decision about the client’s financial readiness, and then provides referrals to low income apartments in the region. The ULK Housing Department maintains relationships with property managers, apartment communities and other companies who understand that clients are pre-qualified upon referral.

Mortgage help is also offered. For families facing foreclosure and/or mortgage delinquency, counseling and advice is offered by the Urban League. Clients tend to be those impacted by illness, a reduction in pay, job layoff, or those that are involved in the care of family members.

The free Foreclosure Counseling from the ULK provides homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage or facing foreclosure, the opportunity to bring their payments current and potentially save their home. Much of this is accomplished through referrals to government aid or low interest loans to modify their current financing. There is also education and advocacy coordinated.

A ULK housing counselor will work on behalf of the client with their bank, mortgage company, or lender to find a workable solution for both parties. This counsel and support of a third-party HUD-approved counselor is often a welcome addition to the negotiation process for both the homeowner and the lender.

As part of this process, the counselor creates a detailed budget. After this extensive and detailed budget has been drafted, the housing counselor will be able to determine the best course of action to take to resolve the issue. Some of the loan modification programs that will be explored include Forbearance, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, Partial claim, Deed in lieu, Re-finance and many more. The counselor can help homeowners apply for these services. Or they can learn about other programs that help pay mortgage payments.





The Home Buyer Education Workshop is designed to ensure that clients fully understand the purchase process. In addition to education, counselors from the Urban League will provide tools and the resources necessary for facilitating a manageable outcome.

The workshop covers the following issues, and maybe even more can be addressed. Clients can get help with Qualifying for a Loan, Finding a Suitable and Affordable Home, Mortgage Options, and Down Payment programs.

The general public is welcome to take advantage of ULK’s Pre-Purchase Counseling Program by calling to schedule an appointment with a certified housing counselor. During the counseling session, the HUD approved counselor and the client work together on any issues or challenges.

Among other things, they will create a budget. They can explore a wide variety of home ownership programs or resources for buying a residence, including low interest loans and mortgages. This process also includes the evaluation and repair of credit scores if needed. To provide further information, Urban League of Kansas also offers a free monthly First-Time Homebuyer Workshop in Johnson and other counties.

Also open to the general public, there are a wide variety of post-purchase counseling services. They will provide information and education on the subject of selling or refinancing an existing home loan.

HUD certified housing counselors from the Urban League evaluate financial issues and outline possible outcomes, making suggestions about the best possible solutions to meet the needs of the individual client. Some of the topics covered in the counseling session include, recovering closing costs, reviewing the current interest rate versus a potential new rate, classes on amortization schedules, and the application of payments toward principal balance.

Urban League employment services across Kansas

The goal of The Urban League Work Force Strategy program is to improve employment and overall economic conditions in towns and cities throughout Kansas. This is available in Wichita, St. Louis, and other areas of the state. It works by increasing citizens’ access to education, job training and career opportunities, supporting the development of an educated and skilled workforce, and promoting the growth of business.

The ULK Workforce Development training and guidance further assists residents in achieving economic self-reliance through participating in government job-appropriate training, including those that are part of WIA. Staff will work with individuals on obtaining gainful employment somewhere in Kansas.





A more regional service is Kansas Quick Careers. This is a ULK initiative that is designed to meet the immediate staffing needs of employers within Sedgwick County. The Urban League works in close partnership with several area colleges to offer training courses within Healthcare, Customer Service, and Construction. All job training is job-preparatory and skill-specific, with most courses lasting 3 months or less. Upon course completion, participants receive certifications that are required by Kansas employers for various positions.

Phone number for Urban League of Kansas assistance

While those are the main focus of the Urban League of Kansas, the agency may be able to help in other ways as well. The main office is at 2418 E. 9th St. North, Wichita, Kansas. Call 316-262-2463. Resources are offered across the state.


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