Upper Montgomery Assistance Network emergency programs.

In an effort to help the less fortunate, Upper Montgomery Assistance Network (UMAN) administers programs for a wide variety of scenarios. The case managers can help clients apply for government grants such as emergency solutions from FEMA or low income energy bill assistance. These funds can be used for rent, mortgages payments, or utilities to prevent homelessness. Other resources from UMAN range from free food to advice and care for senior citizens.

One time emergency assistance is available for hopefully solving crisis situations. Clients seeking financial help will first be referred to a counselor or need to explore a payment plan with their vendor. This process will be used to determine if the one time assistance from either a loan or a cash grant is the best option. All applicants must complete an application and provide documents, such as proof of income and expenses, to be considered eligible. Any type of funds is also limited to grant availability.

If someone were to receive money from Upper Montgomery Assistance Network, applicants need to be financially eligible and also be able to show that after receiving one time financial assistance, the family is able to pay the bills or housing payments on their own in the future. Any financial aid is rare and once applied for, the agency will rarely follow up.

Applicants need to have made a good faith attempt to make the payment yourself. Assistance in Montgomery County can be utilities for the following.

  • Housing costs, such as back rent, mortgage payments or utility bills.
  • Medical needs, such as prescription vouchers.
  • Groceries from a free food pantry or meals from soup kitchens.
  • Transportation to a job interview, such as gasoline or bus tokens.

Also, staff from the UMAN network need proof of need, and that someone sought help from other agencies first. This needs to come from Montgomery County Emergency Services Division of DHHS, utility companies, landlords and employers. Proof of eviction, foreclosure, or lack of heat is also needed before any grants or loans are issued.




The Low Income Energy Bill Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, is another form of one time assistance to help with utilities or heating bills. The requirements are the household needs to meet income guidelines. If they are seeking crisis help, then they need to have received a shutoff notice from the utility company. Also, the customer must have documentation to show that they are in a crisis.

This service was created as a federally funded block grant offered through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), so it relies on government grants. LIHEAP provides funds to assist low-income families in town such as Germantown and Gaithersburg with the high cost of home energy.

Upper Montgomery Assistance Network, working with partners such as community action agencies, will help determine eligibility determination and will help arrange the timely submission of payments to vendors, such as gas or electric companies. The LIHEAP process will treat all households equitably when determining eligibility. The government program will serve low-income households and also try to respond promptly to eligible households with a heating emergency.

Family Development is a mandatory service when applying for financial help, or it can be voluntary in other cases. The goal is to empower families to eliminate barriers to employment or living on their own, so they can eventually reach self-sufficiency. It touches upon Income and Budgeting, Education, Transportation, and keeping Utilities on.

The individuals enrolled in the development process work with a specialist. The process from Upper Montgomery Assistance Network will explore the clients own strengths, and then there is ongoing guidance to help the person make a positive change in their life. Another common name for this is case management. There will be home and office visits, assessments and the client will need to set goals.





Through the Upper Montgomery Assistance Network Family Development process, participants from Gaithersburg Maryland are able to help people build strengths and access resources. Classes or one on one sessions are used for this. Support is given to individuals in many ways such as group activities, referrals, and also involved in linking families to the communities and advocacy.

Home repairs, information on applying for Medicare, and caregiver support is offered by Upper Montgomery Assistance Network. This is for senior citizens in the county, and they can get information, counseling, access to support groups, training, respite and can even be loaned some medical equipment or supplies.

Some of the standard home repair projects include bathroom or roof repairs, correction of faulty electrical systems, and building ramps in the home. On the other hand, caregiving is defined as someone who assists a non-institutionalized person with activities of daily living, on a regular basis. It includes transportation, homemaking, personal cares, keeping a home safe, and more.

Volunteers make up the Upper Montgomery Assistance Network. It is based in Gaithersburg Maryland, and the phone number is (301) 926-4422.



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