Rental assistance in Tulsa County Oklahoma.

Find information on the leading Tulsa Oklahoma non-profit charities agencies, churches, and government programs to call for help with rent. Thousands of people are supported each and every year by these various non-profit agencies, whether it is a cash grant, legal aid, access to short term housing, or emergency rental or security deposit help.

Most of the agencies have certain criteria that need to be met before distributing financial assistance for paying rent, bills, or other housing expenses. Some focus on helping families with children, others on veterans, and all focus on lower income individuals. In general, the applicant needs to have a source of income or agree to self-sufficiency as they need the ability to maintain the home or apartment on their own.

While every Tulsa family may not qualify for rental assistance, these non-profit organizations, churches, and other groups can also serve as a great place to call for general housing information and referrals to other organizations. You should also always call for help prior to receiving an eviction notice.

Boston Avenue Helping Hands, Inc., which also goes by the name of dba Helping Hands Ministry, is a non-profit organization that provides individuals with limited amounts of emergency financial help and money to pay bills, housing expenses, rent, and more. They do offer as indicated rent and housing assistance, and any type of financial aid is limited to once per year. Address is 700 S. Boston, Tulsa,  OK . Many criteria apply before getting help. Call 918-582-1356.

American Legion, Carson Wilson Rigney Forrester Post 1, which is located at 1120 E. 8th St. in Tulsa, OK, focuses on veterans only. The legion of Tulsa can help needy veterans obtain emergency financial aid. Grants programs will be explored as well as other veteran and government agencies for rent, shelter and utilities. 918-584-4274





Day Center for the Homeless can help people faced with an eviction, who are homeless or on the verge of losing their home. These individuals can get housing counseling, case management, eviction prevention advice, shelter, and other short term rental and crisis help. Address 415 W. Archer St., Tulsa, OK 74103. Call 918-583-5588.

Broken Arrow Neighbors only supports families in this town/city.  Funding is limited, but they may be able to offer loans or emergency financial assistance for paying for expenses such as housing, rent, and various household items, among other bills. The address is 315 W College St., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012. For information on grants for paying rent and other needs, dial (918) 251-7781.

Sand Springs Community Services. Dial (918) 245-5183. Get up to $200 in rent payment assistance. You need to have an eviction notice.

Catholic Charities focuses aid on low income women who are pregnant, homeless, or have infants or babies as well as single parents. These families can get emergency aid for paying expenses such as rent, housing and other expenses. Support may be for food, clothing, and temporary lodging. In addition to those services, lodging and shelter may be offered as needed for working poor families of all backgrounds. Call 918-585-8167.

Disabled American Veterans – Tulsa (phone 918-834-4643) also helps only veterans, and they can apply for housing and/or rent help from this government agency. They provide services to veterans and their families to help obtain emergency financial aid through Oklahoma and federal government veteran agencies.

Salvation Army - Tulsa Citadel
3901 E. 28th St.
Tulsa, OK 74114
918-747-8844 Voice
The Salvation Army of Tulsa Oklahoma offers the low income and people who are struggling a wide variety of assistance, including housing and rent, to help people through tough times. From shelters to groceries or utility assistance, the Salvation Army offers relief and aid. Some of the funds for rental expenses available in Tulsa may be issued using loans. Find more details on Oklahoma Salvation Army centers.





John 3:16 Mission, Men's Shelter
Address - 506 N. Cheyenne Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103
This can also lead to transitional housing and referrals to deposit and rent programs.

Family and Youth Center
2027 N. Cincinnati Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma   74186
918-592-1186 Family Center
Both of these locations are part of a local Tulsa Oklahoma Christian ministry that offers shelter, rent help, food, and housing counseling. There may be referrals to security deposit assistance and first months rent to the homeless and people at risk of eviction.

Neighbor For Neighbor
505 E. 36 St. N.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106-1812
This program provides housing advice, family assistance, and much more, including medical bill help, household items, and more. The charity can be a source of referrals to local non-profits that have money for back rent.

DHS - Department of Social Services administers the cash assistance program known as TANF. The funds can be used to help pay rent and other housing costs, along with others bills. In general it is for very low income families and those in poverty, and they may receive rent, energy bill assistance, food, and more from DHS at 3666 N Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106. Call (918) 430-2300.

Covering only Bixby Oklahoma residents, the town is supported by Bixby Community Outreach Center. The non-profit offers information on housing and rent assistance, referrals, and very limited financial assistance for paying rent. They also assist families in times of emergency and crisis. Call (918) 366-9226

Community Action Project Of Tulsa County, Inc. (dial (918) 382-3200) offers log term self-sufficiency, information on financial aid, cash loans and rent assistance. They also offer other emergency housing programs for families with children. There is also help for the elderly and very young in Tulsa Oklahoma. More on Community Action in Tulsa County.

Tulsa homeless prevention and rapid rehousing - When a family is qualified, and funding is available, there may be money to pay rental arrears, cover some of the utilities that are needed to keep power on, and other eviction prevention support too from the HSN. Homeless residents can also seek help for moving costs, lease reviews, as well as rental or security deposits. More on homeless prevention in Tulsa County.




Faith based charities - Churches in Tulsa County, religion groups, and parishes may offer short term rental or utility assistance or even shelter. Most focus on the vulnerable, including indigent, single moms, and tenants in poverty. Find more information on churches that help pay rent and utilities.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Tulsa
1436 N. Cheyenne Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106
918-582-3711 Voice
Housing programs, including first-time homebuyer assistance with closing and down payment costs, education, and advice on increasing income. The non-profit also has information on other rent programs, such as section 8,  for low income families.

Restore Hope Ministries
2960 Charles Page Blvd.
Tulsa,  OK  74127
918-582-5766 Voice
While not providing cash, this agency provides financial aid in an emergency to help qualify people pay rent, utilities, and prescriptions, clothing assistance, and food assistance.

Salvation Army - Tulsa Metropolitan
Area Command
1616 S. Main
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-4410
This Salvation Army branch focuses on the downtown area and city of Tulsa itself, and it offers a wide range of assistance to help people through tough times or a short term hardship. Call the branch to get access to shelters, groceries, and heating and utility assistance. The Salvation Army offers relief and financial help for rent and housing expenses when funding allows.

Tulsa Housing Authority
Main address is 415 E. Independence Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106
(918) 582-0021
Section 8 housing choice rent vouchers are processed from here. They also run public housing programs, help seniors, the disabled and single moms, and have information on affordable housing. A leading government partner non-profit for housing and rent needs.

Tulsa Center for AIDS Resources, Education and Support (Tulsa C.A.R.E.S.)
3507 E. Admiral Pl.
Tulsa, OK 74115-8211
800-474-4872 Toll-Free
This non-profit provides emergency aid and financial services for persons with HIV/AIDS that include free food, housing counseling, prescriptions, housing aid, and grants for rent support. Other eviction prevention and case management is available to tenants.

Western Neighbors, Inc.
P.O. Box 570976
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74157-0976





4981 S. Tacoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107
Provides services for low income residents who live in the southwest Tulsa Oklahoma area, and services include limited amounts of financial assistance for paying bills, clothing and rent help and utilities assistance that is based on funds available.

Legal Aid Services of Tulsa
(855) 488-6814
Attorneys or their staff, many that are volunteers, will provide free advice to tenants facing an eviction. They can address housing issues, offer advice on unpaid rent due to a landlord, and can contest disputes over security deposits as well, if needed.

By Jon McNamara

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