Tulare County Love Inc. charity programs and resources.

Residents that are struggling, including low to moderate income families, can often times get referrals and other support from Love Inc. The organization partners with churches and other charity groups across Tulare County California. While they try to address as many basic needs as possible, in reality many people will not qualify and there are also not enough funds to go around to help everyone that needs it.

Clothing bank is available at local churches. There may be items for job seekers, children and adults. They can, as well as others, can get gently used clothes, school items and shoes. A focus of Love Inc. is on those either actively looking for employment or having recently found a job. They can be provided with appropriate professional clothing and shoes for say an interview.

A food pantry is an option in Tulare County for those in need of help. It is available to them once per month. When they qualify, clients can receive free food such as bread, ground hamburger, eggs and staple items. People that use the pantry may be asked to volunteer, and they can also give back to Love Inc. at a later date as well.

Most of the local pantries are also staffed by volunteers who are committed to the work of the Love Inc. food bank ministry. The dedicated and caring individuals spend time with each client who visits the site. Not only will groceries be available, but referrals and additional social services may be provided to clients.

The Love Inc. furniture ministry provides gently, yet quality used furniture for those clients that are in need of items for their home or apartment. Requests for items such as tables, sofas, coffee tables and beds are available, and the homebound may even get them delivered to where they live.

In most cases, when a client calls for household goods, a home visit is generally performed to assess the legitimacy of the need. Once the application has been approved, the Love Inc. ministry team will then deliver the requested items to the low income, needy family. There may also be other household goods, such as small appliances and more.

In addition to that, the ministry will try to supply mattresses for families that either do not have one, are receiving their children back from CPS or maybe they have a foster child. The goods, even including mattresses, will be gently used.




Free school supplies may be available at the Tulare County Love Inc. ministry and their warehouse. All teachers, and approved students, from the Unified school system in Tulare County can get the supplies, clothes, and note books they need. The focus is on students who cannot afford to purchase it for themselves.

The homeless that recently moved into an apartment can get help too. They can receive appliances, furniture, beds and bedding, and house wares too. It can be very beneficial to their new home, and free up their income for rent or other bills.

The disaster recovery ministry is for people who have been burned out of their homes. The charity can supply furniture, clothing appliances, beds and more.

Scholarships are funded by donations from church members. They are only for qualified girls who have aged out of the California foster care system.

Other forms of assistance and referrals are offered too. They connect people and working poor families with the resource to meet the need. Other solutions may be for diapers for newborns or single moms, utility bill assistance, counseling, money management, and hygiene items.

There is also a Love Inc. Thrift & Gift store. It may sell clothing, toys for Christmas, and other items. The state is also open to the general public. Address is 316 E. Kern St., Tulare., 559-684-8545.

Or for more information or referrals to churches, the Visalia, California 93290 charity can be reached at 559-688-8870.




By Jon McNamara

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