Free health care and help with hospital bills in Texas

Free Health Care in Houston

Uninsured and underinsured people who live in the Houston Texas area have several new options to turn to to get free or discounted health care. There has been an expansion of services and hospitals for those who cannot afford to pay for their medical or hospital bills.

San Josť Clinic, which is one of the nation's oldest charity health care centers and Houston's largest full-time hospital facility that exclusively serves the uninsured, has opened a new, larger facility. Patients at the clinic are able to receive free medical, dental, pharmacy, medications, and social services. Call 713-228-9411 for an appointment or to learn more.

The Rose is another local hospital that provides free health care. They help women by offsetting the cost of mammograms for those who cannot afford to pay. The Rose is the Houston area's leading non-profit breast cancer organization that provides free or low cost providing mammography screening, diagnosis, access to treatment, counseling, advice, and support to all women regardless of their ability to pay for the medical bills. Last year, The Rose provided almost 28,000 screening and diagnostic tests and procedures for those who were able to pay; they provided about 15,800 screening and diagnostic procedures for free low income, uninsured women; and they also arranged for over 7,500 free patient navigation services to other treatment patients who did not have health insurance.  Find additional ways to get help with hospital bills. Click here.

Last fiscal year, uninsured patients at the Roses two locations in Houston increased by about 30 percent. Many of the patients who are now going to the hospital for health care services have recently lost their health insurance because of job loss, pay cuts or even because of employers dropping health insurance benefits in an effort to cut costs.

At least 70 percent of the Rose’s patients who are helped have no insurance or the ability to pay for their bills. Most insured women simply need their annual mammograms. However, an increasing percentage of the sponsored women require more expensive tests, and the hospital is doing what it can to meet that need. Contact The Rose at 866-680-4708, or find other ways to get help with cancer bills.





Another place for low to moderate income patients to turn to is the Harris County Hospital District's King Health Center. This facility will help patients from its own new, modern building. Besides offering patients a pharmacy, free prescription drugs, and urgent care, additional services provided range from dental, obstetrics and optometry to psychiatry, podiatry and mammography test and screenings.





By Jon McNamara

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