Rental assistance programs for Eastern Tennessee.

There are several non-profit agencies in the region that may receive funding as part of the federal government ESG program. They can provide a wide variety of rent help and eviction prevention programs to qualified low income families in the easter part of Tennessee.

While the funding levels can change from year to year, and the exact services will also change, the agencies may be able to offer cash to pay rent, money for energy bills, and security deposits. Other forms of non-financial support can be administered as well, such as credit counseling, short term transitional housing, advice on eviction laws, and information on local charities as well as other non-profits that operate in Eastern Tennessee.

Thousands of families and individuals across the state experience an emergency or crisis on an annual basis. The non-profits may be able to assist these people. Whether they are on the verge of eviction from their home, or if they are currently homeless, these are the individuals that may qualify for housing assistance from ESG. Help is for those who are in a difficult situation that is beyond their control, such as an unexpected job loss, medical emergency, or unforeseen event.

Counties served by the ESG program and agencies

All of the counties of eastern Tennessee, including Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Claiborne, Cocke, Grainger,
Hamblen, Jefferson, Loudon, Monroe, Sevier, and Union, are covered by the rental and other types of housing programs. They assist people who have recently become homeless or are on the verge of becoming evicted because of some circumstance that has happened beyond their control.

As noted, the exact resources offered will vary and all ESG funding is limited. The main contacts include the following. But there are also other resources available for housing needs in the Eastern TN region. Find additional Tennessee homeless prevention programs.

  • Family Promise of Blount County, (865) 233-4737
  • Community Health of East TN (CHET), Campbell County
  • Servolutions, Claiborne County, dial (423) 869-0350
  • Anderson County community action, (865) 457-5500





Housing expenses covered

The non-profits that receive ESG funding may be able to provide cash grants and/or limited financial assistance to individuals and families who are facing an eviction. Some of the money can be used for other housing needs as well, with a focus on people who are now homeless. The rent help is targeted at those who would remain homeless without this immediate form of financial assistance. Some of the expenses eligible for help from the program include security deposits, past due and/or current rent payments, and even utility costs and energy bills.

The total amount of rent assistance provided can pay for expenses for a defined period of time. Any relief is intended to be short term in nature, and payments will be made directly to landlords or property owners/managers and the utility companies themselves. Other resources that may be offered include housing relocation and stabilization services, mediation, counseling for debt reduction and credit repair services. Eastern Tennessee residents can also seek security deposits or case management and related costs for qualified individuals.

Some of the conditions to financial assistance include the amount of direct aid provided can’t exceed the maximum number of months set by program terms. The total amount paid for rent, security deposits and utility arrears, the number of months in arrears and any other funds issued count toward the 18 month limit for the program. The various agencies that are involved in offering this service in Eastern Tennessee are not charity programs, and people need to soon become self-sufficient again after receiving the temporary help.



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