Stillwater Minnesota area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Basic needs can be addressed by Salvation Army centers in Washington County Minnesota. Case managers will help people explore any types of emergency assistance that may be offered while working with clients on social services and stabilization. Resources may range from emergency, one time rental assistance and help with heating bills (a.k.a. Homeless Prevention) to even more basic needs such as food, clothing, and household goods.

Assistance with finding a job or acquiring a new skills is offered. It is widely recognized that finding and keeping steady employment and an increased income is the core to a family's long-term stability. Case workers from the Stillwater Salvation Army centers will work with clients and help them find a job. Sign up for resume review workshops and the use of a computer. A job can help you pay the bills and utilize other skills. For help with finding a job in Washington County Minnesota, contact your local service unit.

Rent and housing assistance may be offered from time to time. If you are facing eviction or don’t know where the funds for your next rent payment is going to come from, then you need to check with your local Salvation Army office to see if some sort of funding is currently available. Resources are limited and the demand is high. Money, when available, can pay rent or deposit (if homeless). Other case management services are available in an effort to help find stable housing in Minnesota. The Salvation Army also can refer tenants to eviction prevention programs in Minnesota.

Food and free hot meals are usually offered year round. There are a number of Salvation Army food pantries and shelves that offer needy families free groceries, fresh foods, baby formula and more. Home delivered meals and grocery delivery may even be offered to homebound seniors in Stillwater. Depending on demand and the intake process, applicants may need to make an appointment for food assistance.

Washington County HeatShare program is for paying heating and utility bills when a resident has a shut off notice. This will help people keep warm during the winter and even when a storm hits. There is a hotline in place, and the Salvation Army oversees this program across the entire state. 1-800-842-7279





Assistance for medical needs may be met. Many people are hit with unexpected health care bills and expenses. Some Salvation Army centers in Stillwater may be able to help by offering vouchers for prescriptions or assistance with paying health insurance co-pays.

Household items and clothing is sold at thrift stores. The items will be gently used at sold at reduced prices to anyone in the community. For the lowest income or people impacted by a disaster, such as a fire or flood, a voucher may be issued so that they can pay for the item on their own. You will need to make a formal request for assistance in order to get a voucher. An application process is in place as well.

Winter clothing is available from programs such as Coats for Kids. This is helpful during the cold winter months when many people have additional expenses such as holiday gifts or heating bills. When your growing kids, teenagers or students require new gloves, snow boots, hats and winter coats, the Salvation Army Coats for Kids program may be able to address this need.

Additional aid may be offered around Christmas. This time of year can be stressful when your budget is tight. So the Salvation Army and their holiday program may be able to help Stillwater families meet their need for toys, clothing, and gifts for their children. Seniors may also receive joy around Christmas.

If you live in Stillwater or the Hastings Minnesota region call (651) 319-0329.



By Jon McNamara

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