St. Lucie County Salvation Army assistance programs.

No matter race, age, or religion, the St. Lucie County Salvation Army works to meet the needs of less fortunate families. They offer basic needs, occasional financial aid, help for rent or homeless prevention needs, and, when they can't help, referrals. The Fort Pierce non-profit tries to provide social services to stop the crisis and find a solution to it.

When it comes to housing needs, the assistance may come in a few different ways. The goal is to always prevent homelessness in St. Lucie County by issuing emergency rent help or guidance to the tenant/homeowners, but unfortunately this can't always be done or won’t work. So the other Salvation Army solutions include the following.

Shelters or lodges. Whether in Fort Pierce or other communities, there are locations for veterans, women, men, and families. Clients normally will be given a place to sleep for a short period of time, a meal, and stability. There are also domestic violence shelters that the Salvation Army is a partner of.

Transitional Housing from the St. Lucie Salvation Army is an option. This will offer lodging for months. While there, the person will need to meet all goals given to them. This includes doing chores, paying a portion of their income for rent, saving money, and more. Housing is only offered if various conditions are followed.

The temporary housing solution also gives the individual time to gain self-sufficiency. They can seek a job. Or maybe they need to rebuild credit or obtain a GED. All of this, and more, can be done will transitioning to a more stable life.

The Salvation Army of St. Lucie will try to provide direct financial aid too. If they can't, then the staff may offer referrals. Money may be offered for electric or water bills. For those tenants with an eviction notice, funds may be provided for paying a small amount of past due rental costs. This is the more-proactive approach to ending homelessness in the community.

Basic needs, such as food, clothing, and vouchers for some items (such as prescriptions) may be available. It is more likely to get support from these then it is monetary aid. The reason being is that these basis needs are often provided as the result of donors from St. Lucie. So residents may contribute food for the pantry or donate gently used clothing to the needy.





A Salvation Army food pantry will have some donated groceries. The goods can come from regional providers such as Feeding America or the government USDA, or the items can come from food drives. No matter the genesis, the goods are appreciated. There is always an ongoing demand for food.

What may be available includes fruits, canned meats, cereal, milk, and more. While less common, the St. Lucie County Salvation Army may also have baby formula or diapers for low income parents, especially new mothers that meet income targets. Find other examples of food pantries in Saint Lucie County.

Season programs are also available from the Salvation Army center in Fort Pierce. This too relies on donations from the community. Contributions of goods and direct financial assistance from the public (both businesses and individuals) provide Christmas dinners, clothing for school, backpacks, and toys at Christmas. That and more is available for families in need across St. Lucie.

Other Christmas services are run too. Some people do not have any relatives, or even friends, at the holidays. So volunteers that are coordinated by the Salvation Army will visit people at their residence or nursing home. Senior citizens in St. Luce can also request a Christmas meal for delivery. These staff members spread joy at the holidays.

The Salvation Army Ministry will offer other support to struggling St. Lucie County families. There can be summer camps organized for children, disaster recover services, job training, mass feeding services, and more. The goal is to help break the cycle of poverty and allow people to get the support they need. The exact programs available can and will often change based on resource levels and other factors. Address is 3629 U.S. 1, Fort Pierce, Florida 34982, or call (772) 461-2899.



By Jon McNamara

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