Seminole County rental assistance programs.

There are several agencies that offer emergency rental assistance in the greater Seminole County Florida region. There may also be other forms of housing assistance offered, including shelters, eviction prevention, and transitional housing. Both government grants and private funds may be issued for paying rent, moving costs, or security deposits.

Most of the financial aid is provided directly by the Seminole County Community Service Agency. However there may be additional support from non-profits and charities such as the Salvation Army. The leading organizations to contact for rent assistance are below.

The Community Service Agency Partnership, or CSA, is the leading homeless prevention agency in the county. They partner with state organizations such as Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) or maybe even the federal government Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). Together they can provide families facing eviction with grants for paying their rent, rehousing services, and referrals to low income apartments and housing. There may also be funds to pay the security deposit on a new home or to cover first or last months rent.

Prevention Assistance was established by the Board of County Commissioners. The county will provide general revenue funds to help qualified low income households, seniors, and the disabled with financial assistance. The funds are used for rent, mortgages, utility bills and other expenses that could lead to homelessness if unpaid.

Any financial aid is offered at most once every two years. A household seeking help must have experienced a crisis within the last 6 months and be able to prove it. They also need to have proof of the ability to pay the rent on their own, attend case management and other workshops.





Security and rental deposits can also be paid, using funds from the Florida Housing Finance Corporation. The money is intended allow residents to find and obtain decent, safe affordable housing. The assistance for a deposit can go a long ways towards allowing a family to move into an apartment that might otherwise be unavailable to them.

The SHIP - State Housing Initiatives Partnership is also run by Community Service Agency. This will provide rental assistance to families on the verge of homelessness. It can also cover utility and deposit fees.

If facing eviction due to unpaid utility bills (including water or electric), the Good Neighbor Fund can help. It is administered by the Seminole County Environmental Services Department. Donations from the county are used to help low income residents. Phone - (407) 665-2110.

Seminole Veterans' Services Program provide information, referrals, rental assistance, and advocacy to veterans and their families. It can also address employment needs, provide access to low income housing, transportation, and loans for other bills.

The Central Florida Continuum of Care can also offer housing and rental assistance. Most of the aid is issued as part of Shelter Plus Care (S+C). This HUD program focuses on the disabled and mentally ill in Seminole County. It will link permanent or short term rental assistance and social services for hard-to-serve homeless persons in the Sanford Florida region.





The Seminole County Homeless Prevention Program is more of a short to mid term rental subsidy. The Community Assistance Division may issue emergency motel vouchers or loans for paying rent to qualified, low income families. Most of the applicants need to be on the verge of homelessness. Funds are very limited.

For more information on any of the rental or housing programs noted above, the Community Assistance Department is located at 534 West Lake Mary Boulevard, Sanford, FL 32773, (407) 665-2300. They can direct low income families, seniors, or the poor to resources.

Additional agencies for help with rent

Catholic Charities - Central Florida, Pathways To Care
430 Plumosa Avenue
Casselberry, FL 32707
(407) 388-0245
Offers assistance to homeless women, including housing, information on funds for rent help, shelter, and other support.

The Sharing Center
A faith based charity that offers shelter, housing, and rent assistance among other resources. Case management around budgeting and employment is also given along with loans and other rent/housing support. More on Sharing Center Assistance programs.

Rescue Outreach Mission Of Central Florida, Inc.
1701 West Historic Goldsboro Boulevard
Sanford, Florida 32771
(407) 321-8224
Shelter, job placement, and low income housing solutions are available.

Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society, Inc.
101 West Palmetto Avenue
Longwood, Florida 32750
Call (407) 834-1660 for information.
Free legal aid may be offered to help stop an eviction. Get information on rights when it comes to fair housing. Lawyers can assist low income families and the elderly and advise on issues such as unpaid rent or unsafe apartments.





The Salvation Army of Seminole County
Address is 700 West 24th Street
Sanford, FL 32771
They partner with non-profits such as the United Way to offer shelter, transitional housing, case management, and maybe funds for emergency rental assistance when an eviction is imminent.


By Jon McNamara

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