Seattle Washington foreclosure prevention.

The city of Seattle has partnered with two different non-profit agencies in the region to offer a foreclosure prevention program. The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle as well as Solid Ground both administer the program. However several other HUD certified agencies can also play a role in assisting homeowners in the Seattle Washington region. Loans, free counseling, and other forms of assistance are offered. Get details below.

The Office of Housing in Seattle created the Foreclosure Prevention Program in 2008. The primary goal of the program was to help homeowners across the city work out repayment plans with their bank or lender and avoid a default on their home loan, all in order to help families and individuals stay in their homes. If the homeowner is just too far behind, or if they realistically would not be able to save their home, then the prevention program will help them gain enough time to sell their homes on their own terms and may be able to help them move and find a new home or apartment.

What does Seattle foreclosure prevention program do

If you apply and are found to be qualified, the Seattle foreclosure prevention program may be able to provide free mortgage counseling and even financial support. For example, a counselor can help negotiate and/or mediate a solution with your bank or lender, and funds are available to create home stabilization loans of up to $5,000 which is direct financial aid. Receiving assistance in negotiating repayment plans with lenders is key in today’s housing market.



Apply for program

There are two agencies that have taken the lead in running the program for the city, and they are Solid Ground and the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. You need to call first to set up an appointment. No walk ins are accepted. Call the the non-profit Solid Ground Mortgage Hotline at (206) 694-6766 or the Urban League of Metropolitan at (800) 368-1455.


There are some income conditions, and the applicant must need to prove that they would be able to pay their mortgage over the long term, after receiving some financial support or counseling. Only they may they be able to receive stabilization loans of up to $5,000 or financial and/or free mortgage counseling.

Some of the other options for mortgage default counseling and free foreclosure prevention advice in Seattle include HUD approved agencies. These non-profit organizations may be able to assist homeowners facing foreclosure with free advice, counseling, information on government programs, and general support. Call any of the following. International District Housing Alliance ((206) 623-5132), El Centro de la Raza ((206) 957-4610), and of course can always call Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle ((800) 368-1455) or the non-profit Solid Ground at (206) 694-6766. Or find other Washington HUD foreclosure counseling agencies.





By Jon McNamara

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