SE Colorado Salvation Army assistance programs.

Free food, items such as Christmas toys and school supplies, shelter, rent help, and more is provided by the Southeast as well as Pueblo County Salvation Army. Volunteers, donations, and grants from the community keep this non-profit, charitable organization up and running. The church based group covers multiple counties, including Custer, Las Animas, and others.

Many different assistance programs, including some emergency/crisis support, may be offered throughout the community. They provide financial aid, meals and food to address hunger. The homeless can turn to the charity for shelter, and they also help vulnerable individuals such as senior citizens and children among others in the community. Anyone that is struggling can call on the Salvation Army center in the Southeast Colorado region for assistance/advice, but it supports all of SE Colorado.

Resources in Southeast Colorado from Salvation Army

First and foremost, all assistance is limited. All of the social services are only for members of the community. Anyone can stop in for help, but the focus is on assisting the poor, vulnerable, and people facing a hardship. Provided the client is also able and willing address the cause of their hardship and enter into goal based case management.

When it comes to hunger and homeless prevention, the Pueblo and SE Colorado Salvation Army has a few tools available. The food pantry gives out groceries, and the soup kitchen serves meals. These programs are not just for the poor or homeless though; in fact anyone facing hunger for whatever reason can drop in at one or both. Everything from a free box of groceries to a hot lunch is served, or they may give out household products, hygiene supplies, and like things.

The Southeast Colorado Salvation Army homeless prevention covers many different things. There is of course local shelters (as indicated above), but also some financial help. In those instances, some emergency funds can pay some of past due expenses including:





-Rent or mortgage.
-Electric, water or light bills.
-Reconnection fees for new homes.
-Shelter and placement into transitional housing

Other needs may be addressed too. Salvation Army case workers are a place for information as well as referrals. So even when there is not any money available for say a rent or utility bill, the staff may offer guidance on where someone can turn to in SE Colorado, including Baca or Otero Counties.

Free items from the charity are also offered. They are scattered throughout certain times of the year. During October, Thanksgiving, as well as December free Christmas toys are passed out to income qualified families. There are meals at certain times of the year, and those will be Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as well. The charity also tries to help kids from Southeast and Pueblo area during the summer who are out of school, and the Salvation Army participate in both snack serves as well as low cost summer camps.

Low cost goods are sold at the thrift store. The big difference between this service and the free one above is obviously the cost. But what is for sale is more wide ranging, and can include hundreds if not thousands of items that evolve over time. The Family Store is open to all shoppers in SE Colorado.

When there is a disaster or crisis, often responding before any other organization is the Salvation Army. Both volunteers and well trained staff members work to help the family (as well as community) recover. They provide food, water, help families find shelter, and restock their homes.

Many other social services may be arranged too. Salvation Army case workers help in some or all of the following ways.

-Employment needs and goals.
-Resources for the disabled, senior citizens, veterans or disabled.
-Applications to benefits including SNAP food stamps.
-There are many other resources, and find how the low income can get help.




Regional Salvation Army locations in Southeast Colorado

Much more aid may be arranged too. The Christian, faith based church does it best to provide social services in the community. For more information, call (719) 543-3656. Or the main Salvation Army center in Southeast Colorado is based at 401 S Prairie Ave, Pueblo, CO 81005.


By Jon McNamara

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