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Sarasota County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Families facing a hardship may receive assistance from the Salvation Army of Sarasota County Florida. While some emergency financial aid (for rent, electric bills or medical) may be distributed by the non-profit charity organization, most of the focus is on offering case management, free items and self-sufficiency. Services and programs range from funds to prevent homelessness (so to pay rent and utilities) to free food, meals, school supplies and job search assistance. Some examples of the main resources, including thrift stores in Sarasota, are below.

Financial help from Sarasota Salvation Army Social Services

Housing, utility and health care services include emergency funds to pay rent, rehousing for the currently homeless, funds for paying energy bills and other support. In society as a while, high rates of homelessness is a complex social problem. The good news is that it is not a permanent situation for most people in Sarasota but rather a short term, temporary crisis. The Salvation Army tackles this challenge. Some components of the housing programs and shelters are as follows.

  • Community meals including free breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Short term, emergency shelter - This is equivalent to temporary lodging and is provided for homeless single parents, families and individuals.
  • Transitional housing - This is for low income and working poor individuals who are employed but lack the financial means to pay rent on their own and function independently.
  • Emergency financial assistance - Funds may be offered for utility bill and rent assistance, clothing closets, food pantries, and more, all of which are designed to assist families in crisis before they reach homelessness. Find a listing of other grants that may assist.

Sarasota County Salvation Army also offers housing solutions. Once housed in a shelter or a transitional housing program, the residents are able to access a wide range of case management and social services that may be needed to promote and maintain greater self-reliance and sufficiency. With the support of your case manager, many Sarasota residents can begin to regain the self-confidence and control over their lives.





Shelters are for individuals and families with children. By the time they turn to the Salvation Army, most clients have exhausted all the traditional support systems of friends and family. The centers are available to anyone in need of a place to stay, regardless of creed, race, age or gender. Families and individuals in Sarasota who need help are provided a secure environment as well as free meals.

The Salvation Army also works with other non-profit partners and churches within the Sarasota County community to assist clients. Case managers will help them move past the immediate crisis stage, regain self-sufficiency and ultimately regain independent living. Create a plan of action to stabilize the situation, seek solutions for both immediate and long term needs.

Senior citizens make up around half of the population in Sarasota County. The Salvation Army is a key organization to help them. Elderly, retiree, and senior citizen assistance programs from the Salvation Army are wide ranging. They include Meals on Wheels from volunteers, medications and free telephone programs, gathering for recreational needs, trips, luncheons, and much more. Case workers and volunteers work to help the older population. Even find more details on free telephones for the elderly.





Sarasota County Salvation Army free items and resources

Food pantries and feeding sites provide hundreds of meals and boxes of food per month. A hot breakfast, lunch or dinner may be provided 365 days a year. The Salvation Army will receive many donations of grocery products from local Food Banks, restaurants in Sarasota, supermarkets and even commercial bakeries. Many volunteers and donations from the community go to fund these pantries and soup kitchens. The non-profit works to provide nutritional and free appetizing meals for clients that are in crisis and struggling.

The pantry also has free household and hygiene items for the community. The Salvation Army center can pass out baby supplies for free, items such as feminine products, diapers, soap, and more. The assistance allows Sarasota families to spend their income on other critical needs.

Other resources include holiday and Christmas assistance, including meals and free Christmas gifts for children from low income families in Sarasota. A thrift store will sell items to the general public. Another resource provided is referrals, and the Salvation Army can redirect clients to other local services and government assistance.

While not free, there are low cost thrift stores. These sell items to the general public. Sarasota County families donate to the stores, and the items are sorted and prepared for resell by volunteers. Furniture, clothes, kitchen pots and pans, beds, electronics and thousands of other items may be sold.

Employment, life skills, and counseling programs

The Sarasota Salvation Army Transitional Development Program provides clients with a structured and supportive environment. This is generally offered for those facing imminent eviction as well as homeless women and men. The services provided and plan the client needs to follow incorporates achieving financial stability for the family.

The Salvation Army will help people receive counseling in basic life skills and attend recovery based meetings if needed. They will need to pay a portion of their income towards rent, utilities, and other housing costs. However, the Salvation Army will provide them with Shelter, Employment Referrals, Residential Meals, Bag Lunches, Clothing Vouchers, as well as Affordable Housing Referrals. There are also free Bus Passes, Case Management Services and other forms of financial aid.




Locations of Sarasota County corp centers

There are a few locations. Each has a low cost Family Store (Thrift Store) as well as social services, financial aid for bills or rent, food and more. The faith based Sarasota Salvation Army charity is focused on helping the needy and less fortunate in the county.

  • 1400 10th St, Sarasota, dial (941) 954-4673
  • 2280 17th St, Sarasota, telephone number is (941) 952-0349
  • 1701 S Tuttle Ave, Sarasota, (941) 364-8846


By Jon McNamara

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