San Antonio credit counseling agencies.

The San Antonio and Bexar County area is served by several non-profit credit counseling agencies. Below you will find information on the leading organizations to call for budget, housing counseling, and debt reduction programs in San Antonio Texas.

Some of the organizations offer programs that focus on debt consolidation, personal loans and mortgage delinquency issues, while others just assist San Antonio individuals and families on a one-on-one basis to resolve their credit issues. These sessions will also usually include financial literacy and budgeting workshops and classes. Many of the programs administered are free of charge, and everything offered will be on a confidential basis.

If you need help getting out of debt or paying bills in San Antonio Texas, contact one of the non-profit credit counseling below for assistance.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater San Antonio
This non-profit has two primary offices in the Bexar County region. A number of assistance programs are provided to those who need help, and they include education and budgeting type classes and seminars.

In addition, other services focus on providing more direct assistance to clients in reducing debts and paying their mortgages. These may include housing counseling (including reverse mortgage and foreclosure), credit services, debt management, bankruptcy, as well as student loan repayment.

6851 Citizens Parkway, Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78229




Project QUEST, Inc.
This organization is more inclusive in the amount of assistance they provide. In addition to credit repair and budgeting services, they can help people enroll in government and public benefit programs and offer job placement too. This help help Bexar families achieve long term stability.

630 S.W. 41st St.
San Antonio, Texas 78237
Telephone number is (210)630-4631

San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation, Inc.
Receive one on one, confidential help from a certified credit and housing counselor. The counseling sessions will help individuals deal with debts such as credit card and medical debts, personal loans, and other expenses. Just as importantly, the session will involve teaching and assisting families to budget their expenses and income and initiate a savings plan to prepare for their future financial endeavors.

2515 Blanco Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78212

A regional government approved non-profit credit counseling agency.
Address - 1777 NE Loop 410
Suite 600
San Antonio, Texas 78217

Presa Community Service Center
3721 S. Presa
San Antonio, Texas 78210
This organization more focuses on providing referrals and information rather than direct aid. It helps to strengthen families in the community by running Money Smart courses, disbursing information on government mortgage and housing programs, and can also refer low income clients to consumer credit counseling services in Bexar County and surrounding areas.




By Jon McNamara

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