Salt Lake County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Assistance for basic needs and general case management may be provided by the Salvation Army. Thousands of Salt Lake County Utah families receive help every year. There may be funds for assisting with rent, free holiday assistance, toys, school supplies, shelter and much more. Or if the organization can't meet your needs, they also partner with other non-profits, charities and groups across Utah as well.

The demand for help with paying utility and heating bills is always in high demand. The Salvation Army partners with the American Red Cross to administer the Lend-a-Hand Emergency Utility Assistance Program. This may be able to assist families in Salt Lake City who are out of options and are faced with a disconnection. The Salvation Army Salt Lake City Corp accepts and processes applications, and if you are approved then some limited financial aid or grants may be paid out. Funding is very limited and donations are always appreciated for the Lend-a-Hand program. There are also many other programs that offer heating bill assistance in Utah.

General Family Services are offered to the low income and needy. Some examples can include the following.

  • Emergency food boxes may be distributed from pantries around Salt Lake. They can contain groceries and/or meals for the hungry. Some special Thanksgiving and Christmas meals may be distributed too around the holidays.
  • Eyeglass vouchers may be for children, the low income, and families without insurance.
  • Spiritual Support/Counseling is available. While programs are offered without discrimination to religion, this guidance is still offered and many people find it beneficial.
  • Referrals and partnerships are available with other non-profits and organizations in Utah as well.
  • Housing needs can be met, such as emergency rental assistance and homeless prevention support.
  • Free Christmas assistance for children in Salt Lake is offered from programs such as Angel Tree and Adopt a Family. Find more details on Christmas help in Salt Lake County.
  • Homeless prevention, in the form of emergency rent help, housing, deposit assistance, and other resources may be arranged by the Salvation Army, often in the form of referrals to Salt Lake charities.





While resources are limited and demand is high, the Salvation Army will do what they can to help the needy. To apply for assistance and Family Services you must provide the following. This includes, but is not limited to, proof of income (check stub), photo ID for all the adults in the household, ID for children as well (i.e. such as birth certificate, shot record, Social Security card or Medicaid Card), and you also need proof of address (utility bill, etc).

The Salvation Army also has available Emergency Disaster Services. These are response teams of staff and trained volunteers that are constantly on alert to respond to the victims of a man made or natural disaster in time of need. Preparedness taken includes updating of equipment, continual disaster training, coordination and cooperation’s with federal, state of Utah, and community emergency agencies. They also partner with private agency groups if and when this is called for.

As indicated, volunteers are used and they actually serve as an integral part of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) program. The various groups involved in these activities provide hands-on service to individuals and communities during times of catastrophe or natural disaster. These services may include collecting, sorting and distributing free clothing and supplies to victims, serving and preparing food, water and beverages to victims and workers from mobile feeding units. Other assistance is provided in the form of emergency shelters or the Salvation Army can help Salt Lake residents with clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

Additional disaster assistance includes Handling of Donated Good/Warehousing, Counseling /Spiritual Ministry, Medical bill assistance, family and general casework services, mass feeding mobile feeding, and shelter.

The main Salvation Army Salt Lake City Corps center is at 438 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104, call (801)988-4204.




By Jon McNamara

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