Roadrunner Food Bank assistance programs.

Several programs are available from the Road Runner Food Bank. The statewide agency operates a hotline, which can be reached at 505-349-5340, and referrals are given to all of their service. The main goal is to help feed struggling families both over the short and long term.

The non-profit is the state's largest food bank. They partner with soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries and hunger-relief programs. Roadrunner is a distribution center for this network. Anyone that needs help can dial 505-349-5340 or 575-523-4390 for information.

Each caller is asked for his or her town they live in and ZIP Code. The staff at the hotline then use that information to find agencies (such as a food pantry) located near the caller's home. The team will then  provide contact information for those non-profit agencies. The following are some tips in regard to working with the agencies they refer you too.

Some pantries do not supply bags or boxes to transport the groceries in, so bring a box when stopping by. Also, people should call for hours and directions as service is limited. Many of the pantries in the network require photo ID, proof of income, or other documentation that shows that the family lives in a particular agency's service area.

As far as delivery, this may be arranged for seniors. However many agencies don't have access to staff members or volunteers to make food or hot meal deliveries, so clients must arrange for transportation in advance. Take this into consideration when requesting help. It is recommended by Roadrunner to ask for free or reduced-fare transportation, which may be available to the disabled, seniors or medically frail.

The Mobile Food Pantry (MFP) provides 50 pounds of both perishable and non-perishable foods to residents of remote areas, where it may otherwise be difficult to access a food pantry. Since MFP travels to those in need, the need for long-term or large-capacity storage is eliminated. Families represent a large segment of the clients served at Mobile Food Pantry sites, and more than 40 percent of those assisted are children.





The Roadrunner Food Bank Emergency Family Program is for a crisis. It will offer help for needed grocery expenses to those in an emergency as well as those applicants who are experiencing complete turmoil in their lives.

Emergency food boxes are packed with up to 40 pounds of groceries or produce, hygiene items, and more. The food is mostly distributed through court programs; schools; hospitals; first responders; churches; and family violence programs, including the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. Donations are always gratefully welcomed.

Road Runner Food Bank's CHI - Childhood Hunger Initiative is for the youth in New Mexico. While low-income children have access to free meals at school, many come back to school on Mondays after the long weekend hungry because there isn't enough to eat at home.

To solve this problem, CHI works in various ways with local schools to dramatically increase the amount of food available to entire families for weekends and breaks in school. It will help children and it a major program toward solving New Mexico's hunger issue.

WIC, or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for NM Women, Infants, and Children serves new moms, single mothers, and women with children up to age five. This federal service provides referrals to medical or social programs, supplemental food, baby formula, and nutrition education. It is often combined with applications to SNAP.

During summer and holidays, such as Christmas, many New Mexico children who rely on free and reduced-price meals provided in school lack adequate nutrition. The state of New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department's Summer Food Services Program fills that gap. It works by offering snacks along with hot meals at various sites during the summer break, and Roadrunner offers applications.

Roadrunner Food Bank helps seniors as well. Almost 30% of clients are elderly. Many of them have Social Security income, a pension, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But this type of financial assistance may not be sufficient to cover their daily living expenses, such as rent, bills, medical costs, transportation, and more. They do not have enough money for purchasing sufficient food to maintain their health.





To assist these older residents, Roadrunner Food Bank's Senior Hunger Initiative (SHI) distributes assistance to these clients. The non-profit will help people right where they live, including nursing homes, housing sites, senior centers, and other agencies. There are also Mobile Pantries in New Mexico that visit each site on a monthly basis to provide seniors with healthy foods such as fruit, dairy products, meat, vegetables, ensure, and much more. Additionally, senior centers and low-income housing sites across the state are given the opportunity to operate on-site pantries to ensure that the elderly have a convenient source of food.

They also offer more than just healthy groceries. Road Runner Food Bank also helps with prescriptions. This is done as the result of a Hunger in America Study. The solution is a program run by the Food Bank and Watertree Health.

To help with medical needs, they offer a free prescription drug discount card to anyone in New Mexico, regardless of their age or insurance status. This is for clients and others. This program is accessible to everyone, no exceptions.

The discount cards are accepted at most pharmacies and save users an average of 50 percent, or about $400 each year on their prescription drugs. This Roadrunner Food Bank program benefits everyone as each time a discount card is used, the individual user saves money on their health care needs. It frees us their money for groceries and other bills. It also allows the non-profit agency known as Roadrunner to serve hot meals to people that sign up for the card.

As noted above, for more information on Roadrunner Food Bank services, dial 575-523-4390 or 505-349-5340 to reach the hotline.




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