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Prescott Arizona Salvation Army assistance programs.

Yavapai County Arizona families can explore the Salvation Army programs and their family services resources. The non-profit works to provide social services, counseling, and support to qualified residents that are facing a crisis. Clients that are supported tend to be those facing a temporary stage of financial hardship and they just need a little, short term assistance. The forms of assistance provided in Prescott tends to be able to help people keep their utilities running, allow them to pay rent to stay in their homes, and provide food for their families.

Mostly due to the challenging economy, the number of requests for help has increased. A number of so called middle-income families in Yavapai are requesting financial assistance for the first time ever. It can be do to an unexpected job loss or medical emergency. Most of the services and financial aid, if available, is only paid out on a one-time basis.

Rent assistance is given to qualified families who are unable to pay the housing costs on their own. They need to have exhausted all other potential sources of financial aid first. If it is paid out, then any housing assistance is limited to one grant per year, per recipient. These Salvation Army resources are not a welfare or other federal government-funded type program.

Funds are limited and eligibility for these services is not guaranteed. Families and individuals need to have proof and documentation, such as pay stubs, rental agreements, and birth certificates are required. Many of the people who are supported in Prescott Arizona are classified as working poor and also facing eviction.

Food may be provided from pantries and other resources. Groceries, perishable foodstuffs, bags of food, hot meals, and more may be passed out or served. Assistance is also for seniors in Yavapai County, and they will benefit from feeding programs. It also allows the elderly member to spend time with the volunteer or Salvation Army case worker as they benefit from the visit.

During times of disaster, resources can help the victims and families impacted. Whether it was natural or manmade, Salvation Army volunteers will rally to the cause. The non-profit is usually one of the first organization to respond to any crisis. They may pass out food, provide shelter, clothing, advice and spiritual comfort. Both first responders (including firefighters) and survivors can explore these programs.




Project SHARE is a Arizona program that can help with utility bills, including heat during the winter and air conditioning bills during the hot summer. The Salvation Army works with numerous utility and gas companies across Arizona to ensure financial assistance is available to the less fortunate and those that need help. Please donate to the SHARE program if you can.

In addition to those resources, several other emergency assistance programs are offered at the local and regional Salvation Army centers. They also work closely with other partner organizations, churches, and non-profits in the greater Yavapai County region. Examples can include vouchers for clothing or gasoline, medications, and holiday assistance. All programs are limited scope and resources. A focus generally tends to be for families with children and at risk senior citizens. Most of the services are provided from the center at 237 S Montezuma St, Prescott, Arizona 86303. Phone number is (928) 778-0150.

Emergency shelters are located across Arizona. In particular, they can provide a place for people to go to during the summer heat or to escape the cold during the winter. The centers welcome all evicted and homeless from the community, provided there is capacity and the individual meets conditions. Most shelters will also serve a hot meal, provide case management, and direct individuals to other places for long term, permanent housing opportunities.




By Jon McNamara

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