Cumberland County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Basic needs are met from a variety of direct assistance programs in Portland Maine. They have a Social Services Case Worker on site that can work with qualified families. As resources allow, some funding may be offered for short term needs and expenses while the Salvation Army works with the applicant towards long term self-sufficiency.

Emergency rental assistance may be offered. If you are faced with eviction, check with your local Salvation Army social service office to see if any funding or grants are available for rent or heating bill assistance. While resources are limited, when the agency can help or refer people, they will do so.

Food banks, pantries, and feeding sites are offered and open in Cumberland County Maine. No one should ever go a day without a healthy meal. Many of the pantries in Maine serve as food shelves that offer free groceries to the needy. Seniors and the elderly may be able to get meals delivered to them from services such as meals on wheels or volunteers. Other basic assistance offered from a food pantry include clothing vouchers and referrals. You may need to call and make an appointment for receiving  groceries from the pantry, depending on the location of where you live in Cumberland County.

A Cumberland County Maine senior center is operated by the Salvation Army. The location offers a variety of programs, resources, day trips and entertainment to the elderly. Senior citizens, older adults and the elderly who are 55 or older are invited to become members of the center. They can enjoy activities, make new friends, and attend workshops on a range of issues. A free lunch is served every day as well. The main goal of the programs and senior centers are to meet the needs of those who need assistance, and help enrich their lives.

Senior centers can also coordinate workshops and seminars for the elderly. Examples include information on clinics and government health care, such as Medicare. Many seniors in Portland also need a place to turn to for additional nutrition and/or free meals. Or use the center to stay warm in the winter, cool during the summer, or get help in applying for government energy bill assistance such as LIHEAP.





Case managers will try to help and meet an applicant’s needs. They will also work with clients to effect a long-term solution for those who need it.

Emergency and disaster programs are offered from the Salvation Army. They coordinate and offer a food canteen and assemble volunteers. People faced with a crisis and victims of disaster are eligible for limited, short term financial assistance and support via vouchers and thrift stores. Emergency services offered may be clothing distribution, food and feeding (mass and individuals), and also shelter.

Employment services and job programs may be arranged. Learn from the Salvation Army where to look for a job, interview techniques, how to complete an application, dress for success, learn how to write a resume and more. Cumberland County case managers will help with job programs, as this is key to self-sufficiency. Employment assistance is offered, as steady employment is the core to an individual’s long-term stability. The Portland Salvation Army wants to help people find a job that pays the bills and helps people meet their needs.

Financial workshops are held too. This can include budgeting and ways to manage and maximize your money. Professionals and credit counselors work with the local center and discuss ways, and provide tips on, saving money, advice on how make a budget, and provide more free information.

The Cumberland County Salvation Army's Angel Tree program provides children and seniors with new clothing and/or toys. Trees are placed in public places like a mall, post office or hospital. Contributors remove one or more tags of a child’s name from the tree and purchase appropriate gifts.

There are a few different locations in the Portland and Cumberland county region. The primary Salvation Army centers are as follows.

  • 30 Warren Ave, Portland, Maine, call (207) 878-8591
  • 1225 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond, (207) 655-7861
  • 25 Congress Ave, Bath, telephone number is (207) 443-3611



By Jon McNamara

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