People in Need financial assistance programs.

Delaware County residents that are struggling, or who need referrals, can contact People in Need. The non-profit provides everything from one time rent or heating bill help to more unique services, such as the School Shoe Program. The goal of the organization is to address a crisis that a Delaware County family is facing as well as help them stabilize the situation over the long term.

Groceries and free food is provided from the long running People In Need Pantry. This particular center provides struggling Delaware County residents with bags of canned or fresh groceries as well as food packages on a once-monthly basis. The amounts passed out to clients are determined according to family size and income, and they are assembled to comply with USDA nutrition guidelines. This is done in an effort to ensure that each family receives healthy foods each month. Packages passed out to clients will be selected and packed with care by trained, dedicated full time staff as well as volunteers.

PIN’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program assists low-income families and individuals who are facing eviction from their primary home or apartment. There may be loans or vouchers, or other forms of aid provided, due to difficulties with making monthly rent payments.

Loans may be used as available funding for this purpose but it is limited. It is important to note that rather than providing any sort of cash payment to clients, PIN usually uses a voucher system for this resource. Also, any type of Emergency Rental Assistance is negotiated in writing in order to guarantee that People in Need partial payment, which is based on available funding, will help the tenant avoid being evicted.

Another in demand service is the Emergency Utilities Assistance Program. This provides financial assistance or even grants for paying water or heating bills to qualified Delaware County Ohio clients. This is an emergency program, with the purpose of providing one time assistance when the applicant is facing a service cancellation, or has already had the service shut off. There are no provisions for ongoing assistance.

Water bill help will be provided to eligible applicants in the form of vouchers, to be passed on to their utility providers. The program has frequency restrictions, and each client’s file is documented with the date and type of service so aid is not paid out multiple times. Proof of income, picture identification and a delinquent bill or shut-off notice will be needed, as well as other forms of support.





The Dental and Vision Assistance services are operated in partnership with local optometrists, dentists, ophthalmologists, free clinics and other medical providers who are familiar with the non-profit agency and programs. These professionals agree to dispense various forms of health care services to the greatest number of clients, whether they have insurance or not.

The dental or vision help is provided in the most cost-effective manner possible, often at costs that are lower than retail as PIN requires from local clinics. The doctors or dentist also need to agree to accept vouchers as a form of payment. Or find a list of other free clinics in Ohio for health care needs..

Medications can also be provided, as PIN enjoys a working relationship with most of the local pharmacies to provide assistance for Delaware County residents who are unable to pay for prescription medication because of emergency situations or that just do not have the money for it. There are limits both on types and amounts of medications paid out and frequency of program use.

In addition to offering both financial assistance or referrals to clients to obtain the actual prescription, People in Need also provides referral information to clients for appropriate long term assistance through the drug manufacturers’ programs for indigents. They also distribute prescription discount cards issued by Free Rx Plus, Family Wise, Mid-Atlantic Benefits, USA Drug Plan, NACO, and others as they become available.

A School Shoe Program provides students of low to moderate-income families with new shoes to begin the  year. It is available to children of low to moderate-income families who reside in Delaware County and attend county schools, and also includes children who attend the LEADS Head Start Program. People in Need also has information on supply programs as well for students.

This is offered in partnership with the Payless Shoe Corporation, and that company is a main factor in the success of this service. As an example of the support they offer, the company will provide PIN with a 10 percent discount toward the purchase of $25 gift cards for children’s shoes. They then pass the cards on to parents, along with necessary school supplies. Or find other free school supply programs for students, including from the Salvation Army.




People in Need Holiday Clearing House is a gift-shopping opportunity for working poor and low-income Delaware County families with children. There is also Christmas or Thanksgiving help for senior or disabled residents. Gift choices to eligible low income families include clothing, gift certificates, new toys and other items.

It is PIN’s mission to assist individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds in their efforts to find permanent solutions and achieve self-sufficiency. In working toward this goal, the non-profit will furnish referrals to services offered by fellow agencies in Delaware County Ohio. Or case managers will pass out community resource applications, information on public benefits, and other support not available through PIN. People in Need is based at 138 Johnson Dr., Delaware, OH 43015, and the main phone number is 740-363-6284.


By Jon McNamara

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